Saturday, 8 May 2010

That Wondrous Moment

To end the story of the young lad who was seeking to find the sound of one hand. He says that there came a point when he reached, “the soundless sounds.”

All the ideas and wonderful thoughts you had and explained were for each of you that moment. When you stand before the easel and you need to think nothing because it is all there in the silence. Those moments we all have so often when there is nothing that can explain it.

I have this theory; please tell me if I am wrong, females are more aware of this moment than men. It is that moment when in the silence of the night something happens between mother and child as the child quietly feeds.

As some of you know, I was unable to speak for almost six months, a terrible affliction to one whose voice was so important. During this time I had my dog, Damon. There were times when I would be feeling low, he would come over and sit with his head on my lap and look up at me with his big brown eyes. There I heard the sound of one hand clapping.

Let me give one last example; people who know each other deeply can share such a moment across a crowed room. I knew an old couple who I could swear held wordless conversations. There was a tingle of emotion in there home.

Anyway, no more I do not wish to bore into submission and another follower decide to give up on my blog. I suppose I should have remembered when I told this to my students, some of them had the same reaction.

It is very early in the morning and I am going to schedule this post I hope it goes online and you get from it some thought for your day. If it does not post then I am sorry Jerry.

I leave you today with an ancient verse:-

Not twice this day

Inch time foot gem

This day will not come again

Each minute is worth a priceless gem.

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  1. When you hold up two hands and clap them together; moving both in and out to clap you hear a distinct sound.
    When you hold up two hands and clap one; moving one hand in and out to clap you hear a different sound
    You did not say clap one hand against air.

  2. Ralph, why worry about followers? Who cares? I hope that you blog for you, a way to lay down thoughts, to reach those who wish to be reached, to teach those who need a lesson, a way to feed your own soul. I didn't know that you lost your speech for 6 mos! I suspect that particular lapse in myself would delight everyone in my house! Is this your dog, then? I do believe that our animals have an instinct for us, much as that husband and wife you mentioned.

  3. Thanks, Ralph, this posted just fine! I have been up since 2:30AM my time! This time difference between here and Scotland works great for me because I know "Ralph has posted"!Thanks!

  4. Ok. What's going on between you and Jerry???

    This silence you speak of, I often find it in the shower. Just as some people find their singing voice there, for me its thoughts. Lots and lots of creative thoughts. At times, so many. And clarity... A deep understanding of people and things that my mind could not figure out otherwise. Maybe its the silence. Maybe its the running water. Maybe both.

    I would need a notebook in there! Too many times, afterwards, that complete clarity gets muffled after stepping out into the "real world". I can get so swept away, that at times I can't even remember if I've shampooed my hair!

    I like to think someone, much wiser, from above is giving me the answers. But it takes the silence to listen...

  5. Hi, Susan! Ralph and I are Yin and Yang. When he is too relaxed and contemplative I put a coal under his seat. When I am too stressed out and have sixteen things all going at the same time, Ralph helps me focus. My Blog is on ArtWanted but I never post on it until I read Ralph's blog!
    It is how I begin my day.

  6. Animals are so smart and intuitive...A long time ago I was very crestfallen about a failed love then cat that never sat with me (he was very anti social) suddenly jumped in my lap. It was the sweetest thing ever.
    You should not care if anyone un-subscribes...we can not please everyone! Love the precious gem thought. :)

  7. Thanks Jerry. Ok, so you are kindred spirits that have found each other... So wonderful!

    Just let us share Ralph with you. We begin our days with him too!

  8. The expression in the dog's eyes is captured perfectly. Says it all, really. xx