Friday, 11 December 2009

The Momment of Parting

Yesterday I completed and delivered the second of Triptych the three canvas measuring 72". This norning I said farewell to my two abstracts that have been used as examples of art in the USA for students. I also used these paibting to produce the You Tube, There is always something sad about saying farewell to your art. Happy that it has been bought by somebody yet sad that your baby is leaving home. When I delivered the second of the three to the public space I saw the other one in place and it felt good that it did enhance the space and looked well.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Painting for others or painting for yourself.

I often wonder wether I paint for myself or for others. When somebody asks me to paint something just for them but leave me to paint what I think they might like it often works for me and them and the experience is a joy. I have completed a few commissions where this has been the case. Then there is those who ask for something specific. I find this so difficult I often reach the point where I feel I will never take another commission ever. So often this means that I have to try more than once to please the client. Then there are those paintings that I paint for me. The ones that give me so much pleasure where I can let the paint and I be in harmony. Some of these paintings never sell, some are painted over but ever so often I have no problems with people being interested in them. I have even had interest shown by a fellow artist and this humbles me and make me consider it something to enjoy and feel pleasure in.

One thing for sure no matter what category the painting is in it is a joy if it sells. it means others like your work. Then when the day comes to send them off there is a wrench at the heart strings as your baby leaves the nest.

The painting I have added to this blog is one of those I have been asked to to and pray it meets the requirements. It is different from the one the person liked as it would have to be I just hope enough of a similarity to bring pleasure.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

A Painting that painted itself.

Every so often it happens the paint takes control and I end up with something very different from where I began. Yesterday was one such occasion. I was painting a landscape and at one point I was un happy so I removed as much of the paint as I could. The remaining paint shouted at me. At least one part of it did, this I added more paint to trying to leave it as it was as much as possible. Now I could see what I wanted to do with the rest. I kind of like the end result, not sure anybody else will but I do.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Step By Step Instructions

I am not a believer that it is possible to be taught to paint an abstract painting, so much of painting abstract is to be found in the inner being of the artist. There are a great many abstracts today that seem to be mechanical they seem to lack feeling and depth and are more about how than why. That being said I put a small You Tube on my latest abstract showing the process and some of my thinking, I also hope it shows that there was more going on in the thinking than just the how to get there.The video can be see at, and on my website at you can see the written version with pictures. I hope this is a help to some who would like to have a try at painting an abstract, nothing more. I am aware I am not teh greatest artist but i do feel we should share.

Friday, 20 November 2009

The Construction of an Abstract Painting

I had so many questions about my last abstract paintingthat I have decided, rightly or wrongly to complete another similar work on a much larger scale. I believe abstract art has to come from the inner being and so am reluctant to give too much in the way of this is how I do it, but I have decided to take a few pictures of this work in progress. I will also write some notes about why I am doing what I am doing. This will not be so that others can copy but just to show how this one painting was produced.

I hope to post a page on my website to show this work being produced.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

To be noticed makes you feel good.

Yesterday I finished an abstract work my first attempt at mixed media. It can be seen on my website I did not know what to call it so just left it as Abstract MM1. It created many comments from fellow artists and so I feel encouraged to go further down this route. What really surprised me most was a really good artist,Olga van Dijk, has asked if she can use my work as an example to show are students next week. What a boost. So what am I saying I am saying that it is a good thing to put your work where it may well be criticised only because it only take one real good comment to lift you to a new desire to paint.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Second thoughts on Commission Work

So commission work is harder than most because you are not painitng for yourself but for others. It adds to the strain the need to produce something that fulfils the request. Ocassionally you get it wrong and maybe you have to do more than one painting to get something you like and the commissionee likes. But hey what a buzz when they tell you they like it.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Commissions Should we or Should we Not

It has always seemed a good thing to offer to carry out commission work. It means that paintings that have been sold can be the inspiration to another painting. This has been the case for me on more than one occasion.So it was the case a few weeks ago. Somebody wanted a similar painting to one already sold but on a larger scale. I used the same colours and later we agreed to make some changes. The commissionee was happy and paid me more than I had asked for the work. I feel we all ended up happy. But then the last three commissions have been hard work doing something I am not in the habit of doing and the person not wanting the finished product, but something other. I would never want anybody to have a work they did not like but what do you do with all those paintings? It is hard to bring yourself to paint over them so they often end up in the bin. Having said all that I am working on two large commisions even now and have just agreed to go visit someplace with the prospect of another one.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Getting into the correct groove to be creative.

My lifestyle changed when my wife reduced her working week to three days. It is so good to have her around more but it is taking time for me to adjust. I need to start the day softly and in peace, she on the other hand wakens and reaches for the operator for the TV. There cannot be a worse way to get inspired than to listen to the garbles of those on the morning show on the BBC. They spend so much time sharing theyre own little opinions on everything, dropping in little tit bits about the family and home life. Who cares about their personal lives. I find this the last thing on earth to get in the right mood to paint. In fact I thought there could be nothing worse. Then yesterday I was away for a bit in my caravan. On taking an early morning trip to the washroom I discovered there is worse. Playing over the radio system was BBC Radio 2 and Terry Wogan, now his prattles must be the worst ever way to get inspiration for anything other than a head full of nothing.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Pastel Painters Guild Europe

I have developed a real love of pastel even though it has as many problems for the artists as those that it solves. Pastel painting still has to win over the skeptics. I came accross the guild through the pastel painters journal. I have always been unsure of how my work was progressing so when stating an interet in becoming a member I left the level of membership to their judgement. How surprised I was to be accepted at professional level. I feel greatly honoured and it is a spur for me to try and progress my pastel work.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Wow not the Best Painting but at least a Painting

We all have it, the dreaded painters block. How I have suffered nothing was working for me. So I laid aside the brushes. I laid aside the knives. I got out my pallete selected my favourite colours. I got a large canvas the biggest one I happened to have and let go with my fingers. it was just me the paint and the canvas. I hope it worked but I sure felt good at the end of it. The end result can be seen on my website

Thursday, 10 September 2009


Now this is a big question. You have all the desire to paint and all the expense to pay for the paint and the canvas to paint on. Then they start to gather. You have given them away you have made presents of them. Now they are gathering. Nobody wants them. Is it worth it you ask.Shouls I just give up? i tis costing me money. But you cannot. Why? Because you need to paint.

Friday, 4 September 2009

The Commission became a reality

I was too fast to say that the commission had gone. This morning I got a further mail and it seems that the commission has become a reality. This one is heading off to Canada when completed so another part of the world. I am looking forward to working with and for the commissionee he sounds like a real sound person.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

So you did not get that commission

Yesterday started well I thought I had a real enquiry about a painting of an area I love. I spent the day thinking about it. I visited the place and drank in the mood and the bustle of the place. I took lots of pictures and considered how best to convey what I was seeing.

It seems though that it is maybe not coming my way. So today is not a good start. But I will still enjoy yesterday in my mind and who knows what might yet come from the experience.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Painters Block

Well it happens to us all I suppose. I just could not paint a thing and the fact that I am having alean time on the selling front was really getting me down. I read what others do when they get such blocks but none of it really helped much. I was all for giving up. Then I thought give it one last try go back and paint something you know you can paint and enjoy. Guess what ? POPPIES they always get me back on track so poppies it was.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Things I should have considered.

So now I have two sales in the USA. Tha canvases are very large. How do I package the art? I should have thought of this. How do I get it over. Packaging meant getting a source of affordable hard carboard. This I got from a double glazing company. This and bubble wrap was the answer. But BEWARE if you are sending overseas the delivery company need to see inside the package so do not seal it. When trying to get a company make sure they can take the package, so be very accurate with the sizes. MY first attempt backfired it was 2" too big on the overall size for one company. I at last found one who would take it a very good company. The other benefit was they were also cheaper. If you go to my website you will find the name of this realiable company. So my first two sales were on their way to the USA.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Two Sales

Having added to two other sites on which I was able to make a link to my own web I got two sales in the USA. Now I had to start thinking about packaging and transport. I really would advise that you have this done well in advance, it really is a nightmare. The painting being requested were two very large abstract works. How was the person going to pay me? How was I going to get them all to her? So many questions.

Friday, 21 August 2009

So I had my website what now?

Well the website was up and I had made my first sale. But I did not have the expertise to make this website be found on Google and other search engines so what wa sthe next step. I decided to sign up with other sites that let you display some work and to also add a link to my own site. I was surprised to find that there are many of them out there. Some of them are free some make a small charge. Having earned enough to pay for my web for a year i decided to make a small investment into one or two of those sites. Having done so I was surprised to see the sale of two paintings in the USA. Now I had not thought of that. Success but also a whole load of things I had not thought about that I had to contend with.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Ok so lets think website

What a nightmare. Do I dont I? Yes I will no I will not. Well why not? So I decided I would give it an attempt. I did not want to spend the earth so I decided to go with a provider who would give me a website for a small monthly outlay. I got a domain name and I signed up. Problem number one. I had to build the website myself, not the easiest of tasks,but I kept at it and ended up with a not too bad looking website. It is still at this date online and can be seen at The name kind of came to us as we talked. I did after all paint in the garage so it seemed obvious. Bang on the first day one of the technical guys from the hosting provider bought a painting. The first years hosting was paid for. But now I had to get the site spotted. How was I going to do that? Well we will get there.

How has it gone so far?

Well here I am I have been painting for almost two years now. At first I could sell not a thing and the paintings were begining to mount. So the first thing I did was put those paintings into the boot of the car. My thinking was that if I ever get half a chance to show them I would do just that. My first opportunity came at a conference I was attending. Over a pint at the bar in the evening I sold two of my paintings. I was overjoyed. At breakfast the next day I sold a further three, without even having to show them again. So I left that conference feeling up lifted. Maybe I should be showing in some local art shows. So far I had not wanted to have the competition and the feeling of rejection, but hey I had sold a few in one weekend. It was later my son said I should consider a website. My mind began to turn and the thought stayed with me. Should I or should I not? We will see next blog.