Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Painting for others or painting for yourself.

I often wonder wether I paint for myself or for others. When somebody asks me to paint something just for them but leave me to paint what I think they might like it often works for me and them and the experience is a joy. I have completed a few commissions where this has been the case. Then there is those who ask for something specific. I find this so difficult I often reach the point where I feel I will never take another commission ever. So often this means that I have to try more than once to please the client. Then there are those paintings that I paint for me. The ones that give me so much pleasure where I can let the paint and I be in harmony. Some of these paintings never sell, some are painted over but ever so often I have no problems with people being interested in them. I have even had interest shown by a fellow artist and this humbles me and make me consider it something to enjoy and feel pleasure in.

One thing for sure no matter what category the painting is in it is a joy if it sells. it means others like your work. Then when the day comes to send them off there is a wrench at the heart strings as your baby leaves the nest.

The painting I have added to this blog is one of those I have been asked to to and pray it meets the requirements. It is different from the one the person liked as it would have to be I just hope enough of a similarity to bring pleasure.

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