Thursday, 26 November 2009

Step By Step Instructions

I am not a believer that it is possible to be taught to paint an abstract painting, so much of painting abstract is to be found in the inner being of the artist. There are a great many abstracts today that seem to be mechanical they seem to lack feeling and depth and are more about how than why. That being said I put a small You Tube on my latest abstract showing the process and some of my thinking, I also hope it shows that there was more going on in the thinking than just the how to get there.The video can be see at, and on my website at you can see the written version with pictures. I hope this is a help to some who would like to have a try at painting an abstract, nothing more. I am aware I am not teh greatest artist but i do feel we should share.

Friday, 20 November 2009

The Construction of an Abstract Painting

I had so many questions about my last abstract paintingthat I have decided, rightly or wrongly to complete another similar work on a much larger scale. I believe abstract art has to come from the inner being and so am reluctant to give too much in the way of this is how I do it, but I have decided to take a few pictures of this work in progress. I will also write some notes about why I am doing what I am doing. This will not be so that others can copy but just to show how this one painting was produced.

I hope to post a page on my website to show this work being produced.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

To be noticed makes you feel good.

Yesterday I finished an abstract work my first attempt at mixed media. It can be seen on my website I did not know what to call it so just left it as Abstract MM1. It created many comments from fellow artists and so I feel encouraged to go further down this route. What really surprised me most was a really good artist,Olga van Dijk, has asked if she can use my work as an example to show are students next week. What a boost. So what am I saying I am saying that it is a good thing to put your work where it may well be criticised only because it only take one real good comment to lift you to a new desire to paint.