Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Getting into the correct groove to be creative.

My lifestyle changed when my wife reduced her working week to three days. It is so good to have her around more but it is taking time for me to adjust. I need to start the day softly and in peace, she on the other hand wakens and reaches for the operator for the TV. There cannot be a worse way to get inspired than to listen to the garbles of those on the morning show on the BBC. They spend so much time sharing theyre own little opinions on everything, dropping in little tit bits about the family and home life. Who cares about their personal lives. I find this the last thing on earth to get in the right mood to paint. In fact I thought there could be nothing worse. Then yesterday I was away for a bit in my caravan. On taking an early morning trip to the washroom I discovered there is worse. Playing over the radio system was BBC Radio 2 and Terry Wogan, now his prattles must be the worst ever way to get inspiration for anything other than a head full of nothing.

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