Friday, 16 October 2009

Commissions Should we or Should we Not

It has always seemed a good thing to offer to carry out commission work. It means that paintings that have been sold can be the inspiration to another painting. This has been the case for me on more than one occasion.So it was the case a few weeks ago. Somebody wanted a similar painting to one already sold but on a larger scale. I used the same colours and later we agreed to make some changes. The commissionee was happy and paid me more than I had asked for the work. I feel we all ended up happy. But then the last three commissions have been hard work doing something I am not in the habit of doing and the person not wanting the finished product, but something other. I would never want anybody to have a work they did not like but what do you do with all those paintings? It is hard to bring yourself to paint over them so they often end up in the bin. Having said all that I am working on two large commisions even now and have just agreed to go visit someplace with the prospect of another one.

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