Saturday, 15 May 2010

Killing That Which Is Precious.

One day I was out running and had a life changing moment. Running was something new to me and here for the very first time I was running pain free. I felt as if I had wings on my shoes it was such a joy. It was a spring morning and I felt if I spoke to the lambs in the field they would have answered me. Yes I know it sounds silly, but I felt it.

I came home that day and had decided to give up eating meat. For the next twenty four years I did just that. How many times this led to discussions, about whether or not this was the correct thing to do. I was younger then and I always rose to the bait.

Now when people discover I have, after all those years decided to begin eating meat again the same questions come up again. I am older now, yes I know much older, and I no longer take the bait.

Yesterday with all the ideas running around in my head from your musing on the one hand I got to thinking about these things again.

Those who strive to preserve life and respect life are right, it is a good thing. But my thoughts made me realise there are other valuable things we kill that are equally worthy of consideration.

What of those who kill time? Time is a very precious commodity and deserves our respect. Having worked with those serving time, sometimes a long time, I became very aware of how precious it was. Time should never be killed. It ought to be cherished. What of those who for selfish reasons kill honesty? What of those who kill innocence?

What of those who preach without taking account of others, or the other person’s point of view? Are they not guilty of killing respect?

What has made me so serious these past few days? I have spent a life with people and here I am in bloggers world and finding people who have much to share, and do so. I have met people who have much to teach, and do so. I have met people who care, and they take the time each day to do so.

I thank you all, each one. I am still reading blogs but may not be able to respond again till early next week but know you are all in my thoughts.

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  1. Does your body have to reintroduce meat slowly, Ralph? I'm just truly curious...It seems like a huge add in to your diet if you've been eating vegetarian for so many years! I've always wanted to try eating vegetarian myself but my diet is so poor that I think meat is a necessity of it for life giving reasons at this point.

  2. Anything that we do not have the power to bring back, we do not have the right to kill- weather it is time or the lovely animal that you have painted on your blog.

  3. beautiful painting. I respect everyone's ideas about what to eat. I have at times not eaten meat also....but I was raised on it and somehow feel better when I am not on a completely vegetarian diet. To each their own! I agree with you that some people are sometimes wanton. Your tiger painting is strong! I *love* that my Chinese symbol is the Tiger (who would not love that!)