Sunday, 23 May 2010


Jerry who often makes comment on my blog always begins with the same words, I am alive and here and all is good, or words to that effect. How poignant these words are this morning.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day, the sun shone and it was warm. I did some hoeing and weeding down at my plot. Having done the weeding I sat and chatted to old Archie, listening to his words of wisdom and humour.

In the afternoon I visited my son and we ate outside and relaxed and chatted. I headed off to bed feeling it had been a marvellous day. I dozed off, then it happened, I awoke struggling for breath. The more I struggled the more I coughed, the worse it got. Eventually I had to call the emergency services. They sent out a doctor who gave me some terrible concoction, foul tasting but it enabled me to get some easier breathing and eventually some sleep.

So as Jerry says I am alive and well and that is good. There is no doubt whatsoever that when you face the alternative, I hope you never have to, life is good. This morning the air tastes marvellous and the view from my study window looks like it has never looked before.

There is a parable story of the monk who spent years seeking to find meaning in his life. He was so sure that if he found the right person he would find the meaning of existence. So he journeyed miles and years, all the time seeking wise sages to question and learn from. One day he was crossing a dangerous river. Trusting in the boatman, he lay down in the boat.

Then a strange thing happened. He saw a corpse in the water floating towards him. As it got nearer he started to see the face of the floating corpse. He was shocked to see it was himself.

At this stage the boatman shook him and said, “We have arrived.” The monk had indeed arrived at the end of his quest. He had discovered that life is so precious it has to be lived not wasted in foolish quests and meaningless pursuits.

I hope this blog today does not sound depressing. I for one feel alive and life is marvellous. My second task, writing this being my first, is to go try and catch some of the lost sleep. So much for me learning lessons, “look to yourself blind fool.”

I hope you all have a wonderful creative day.

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  1. Yes, I know what it is like not being able to breathe your next breath; and indeed when able to the air is 'sweet'.
    I am currently questing the meaning of 'my life'; hopefully like your monk I will awake one day with the answer.
    In the meantime, keep breathing, so many of us look for your blogs and your artwork.

  2. Good Morning,Ralph, I AM alive and life is good!
    The rain that is making my tomatoes cold and stunted is removing pollens from the air, making it easier to breath for everyone. It is filling our resevoirs, insuring plenty of water for the summer. And while my tomato harvest may be down, I am seriously considering taking up fishing! Not to be too Pollyannaish, every cloud does have a silver lining, with every closed door one opens, and there is always something to appreciate on this wonderful planet. We only get one chance through this journey and good things are so easy to find!

  3. Oh my, Ralph! You really surprised me with this post. I wish you continued sweet air!

    You're such a loyal friend. Here you are, not well and in need of sleep, yet you take time to write to us... That's commitment.

    Be well and thanks for being you.

  4. I love this post, Ralph. An eerie lesson learned too. I think that the way we live our lives give it meaning; the meaning isn't inherent. Now I'm confusing myself! LOL

  5. sweet dreams and thanks for the story

  6. You gave me a bit of a fleg, Ralph ... take it easy on the hoeing and weeding.

    The view is wonderful ... the sun shines and life is a peach. The best bit is having friends like you. Enjoyed your post. :)

  7. ralph, thanks for your comments on my blog I havent been following your blog so far, but it is great to be on board! Your art work is extremely impressive.----Anand

  8. Pleased we didn't lose you, Ralph! I imagine it was a scary experience. I never complain about growing older as I feel it's a gift to be able to do so. Life is precious and I agree its important not to sleep our way through it. Enjoy your day. xx

  9. That's very inspiring. The meaning of life is something that you learn while you're alive, not when you're dead. And I do hope you're feeling better.