Monday, 17 May 2010

Getting Younger Every Day

I am sure I have told this story before if not in the exact way, but it is worthy of another telling.

An old man was one day out walking. As he walked along the track a small elf jumped out from the bushes. “Hello,” said the elf, “I am here to grant you a wish. It will be just one wish and it will not be able to be changed back. You must therefore think wisely.”

The old man thought for some time. He was married; he had been for almost 40 years. His wife was the same age as he. “I would like to wake up in bed with a younger woman,” said the old man. “Granted,” said the elf, and disappeared.

The next day the old man woke to find himself 20years older.

Today I went back 26 years. I awoke and decided I would try a nice run. There is a lovely hilly run where I am staying, a run I have done often. I set off and a reasonable pace. Bang it hit me, I could not keep it up. I struggled and panted my way up to the top. Normally I would have kept going onwards and downwards. I would have returned and done the circuit again making a lovely eight mile run. At the top there was a bench, I sat and rested. In the end I did one circuit. I felt as unfit as I did before I began running some 26 years ago.

Thinking of the tale of the old man and his elf, I knew what my wish would have been. To be as fit as I was a year ago, that would be just fine. Now that in fact would be a wasted wish, because in a few weeks time, all going well, I will be just that.

As Jerry says often, no good wasting time wishing. Just get on with living. No good dreaming of skyscrapers when you have only a few bricks.

Today I have used two artworks and will say why on other blog:-  Two Paintings


  1. Being a few bricks shy of a load myself, I can relate to that last line, Ralph! LOLOL

  2. So true to be careful for what you wish for. I always loved The Monkey's Paw story as well. Cheeky Elf! xx

  3. Good Morning Ralph, today is "chemo day" that will be so much fun! I can't run, I would be out of breath very quickly. "Over-the-hill" is not finished with the race however. I know where all the shortcuts are, I know where the bridges are out, and I know the best resting areas where I can see the view and watch the runners behind me!What I have discovered, with all my experience, is I cannot tell them how to win the race! That "ribbon to break" keeps moving! Mine are a long way back and for those still running, they are forward and maybe not even in place yet. In my youth I couldn't enjoy the resting and now I am able to.

  4. Indeed be careful what you wish for; you just may get it!
    My wish is not to 'go back' but to 'go forward' and explore the possibilities before me. I am certain the accomplishments I foresee will only be achieved as past ones were, with diligence, hard work and a true heart.
    Success on your return to fitness and good health.

  5. so true! be careful what you wish for for sure!! I like your self portrait---very well done.

  6. probably the only wish I would have would be to be physically fit, but since I can work on that myself..I would wish for my Dad to be alive and healthy..if we are wishing..lets really wish!!