Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Dear Dad

There is the story of the father who came home from work one day to a real surprise. Normally the music would be blaring from the son’s bedroom window, he would have to go in and ask him to turn down the volume. Today there was silence. He entered the house and climbed the staircase, opened the door to his sons room. It was spotless, everything in its proper place. There on the bedside cabinet lay a note, addressed to him. He sat on the bed and began to read.

Dear Dad,

This is a letter to explain my absence. I have met an older woman and we have fallen in love. Recently she told me she was pregnant and the pending child was mine. I know you would not approve of this relationship so we have decided that for all concerned it would be best if we left. She has a small place in the woods where we will not be disturbed. She has assured me, that marijuana is not at all harmful, and that we will be able to make enough money to live on if we grow our own crop. She is even sure that we will be able to sell enough to be able to purchase our preferred option of cocaine.

Once we are settled, and the child is born, it is out hope to have two; we will contact you and arrange for you to meet your grandchildren.

Your loving son


PS all of the above is not true, but I hope you will see that things could be a lot worse than the report card you will find in the top drawer. Once you have read it and calmed down call my cell phone and I will come home.

How often, without any help from others we mange to make things into much greater problems than they really are. We fret and concern ourselves and in the end the solution comes without us even having to think about it.

I hope you all have a carefree and creative day.

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  1. Lol I've heard this letter before, but the story you paint around it is superb! Thanks for making me laugh...

  2. Now if that son could put that much thought into his school work, all the drama could have been avoided! LOLOL

  3. Yes - I've heard variations on that. LOL. Too funny and a reminder to keep things in perspective.

  4. you gave me my good morning laugh! Thanks Ralph