Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The King and His Palace

Everybody knew that the king treasured his palace and his possessions. He saw everything as his. Severe penalties were enforced to those caught even catching a rabbit within the territory of the kings realm.

He had a reputation for being strict and not liked by those he ruled. As he grew older he became more and possessive of the things he owned. He spent more and more time alone surrounded by more and more possessions.

The master heard of this king and decided to journey to see for himself. True to the stories he had heard, the people he met seemed to get seemed to get more miserable the closer he came to the palace.

When he arrived at the gates he was allowed through by the guards, his reputation had gone before him. He found the king sitting alone on his throne, looking miserable.

“What do you want?” he asked the master. The master looked at him and said, “I have journeyed a long way, and have a long journey to return. I would like a room in this inn to rest my weary bones.”

“Inn,” shouted the king, “this is not an inn. This is my palace. This is all mine.”

“I see,” said the master, “and who owned it before you?”

“My father owned it before me, he has now died and it is mine.” “I see,” said the master. “And who owned it before your father?” “My grandfather,” said the king, “he too is dead.”

“And this place, where people come and live for a short time and then move on – did I hear you say this was NOT an Inn?”

Life is full of choices, but the greatest choice is that about the things we own and the time we have. Friends often make demands on both. But a life without friends is not really a life at all.

All things are transitory, including this blog. I am beginning to feel that maybe it has now served its purpose. It was never my intention to return to preaching but maybe this is what this blog is in danger of being?  Today is the day where this blog reaches its 150th post much longer than I ever expected it to last.

This blog is linked to my other where I discuss the artwork used;- Linlithgow Palace


  1. I don't know about preaching; but without this blog just think of the 'blog friends' you wouldn't have met.
    You are rich in stories and rich in friends - all who would miss your blogs.

  2. I don't see this blog as preaching, Ralph. I think it gives fabulous things to think on and in a most amusing way. Your wit comes through, as well as your own personal creed.

  3. It would be sad to lose your posts. We all enjoy them so. Its become part of my wake-up routine. I too don't ever see it as preaching. You are blessed with the gift of wonderful story-telling. Your stories have beautiful messages for those who chose to see them, but never do you pour anything down our throats.

    If you are exhausted from posting daily, then please do slow down. If you're stopping because you fear "preaching" to us too much, then please reconsider and continue putting a daily smile on our faces.

    Hope you're feeling well today.

  4. likewise its nice to hear your stories and see your work - but can understand the commitment it takes - don't see you as "preaching" at all

  5. Good Morning Ralph, I am alive and all is well.
    I, too, would miss you! Although I have not agreed with every single word you have said, I agree mostly with most, and all have given me a different perspective. I also don't see you as preaching. You are more like the window opener, expanding our horizon and allowing us to see a little clearer without looking through the glass.
    I am glad I met you Ralph, but now I want just a little more!

  6. hey, you can't go away, we just met. and you are my best comment maker - which is so encouraging!!

    yet you must follow your soul. maybe there are other truths to tell. i know you pray. pray about this.

    maybe daily is too much. maybe the well needs filled. maybe your heart will find new words!

    as long as the disciples kept breaking the bread and passing it out, there was enough for everyone and more left over...

  7. Telling stories with morals is how I would describe what you do on your blog. Not preach. I have an aversion to preaching ... don't see any of that going on here.

    I know exactly what you mean though; sometimes we need a little breather, especially now its summer - though I don't know about you, but we just had hail stones here in Dundee.

    Go knock 'em dead, get up to a little mischief, but please come back and tell us about it :)

  8. Ralph, I'm selfish and really don't want you to stop this blog. I haven't felt you were preaching . . . . just giving us words of wisdom and encouragement. I walk the way my Higher Power leads me and I know that you do too so I'm with you 100% in the decision you make.
    Blessings to you.

  9. I agree--we are all just "stewards"..I know that we forget that. You do a wonderful job of passing on your one would begrudge you a vacation if you felt you wanted one. You'd be missed--but there would be plenty of people to visit with down the road.
    Love the painting with the palace. Well done!