Wednesday, 4 August 2010

You Can Do It If You Really Want To

I am sure you have all heard the saying, “If you want something done ask a busy person to do it.” This saying has stuck with me throughout my life. It goes along with the well know words I have also heard often. “You need to learn to say No.”

I remembered these words yesterday as I overheard a conversation between my son and my wife. I am not sure the content of the conversation but I heard, “Look just stop finding all those other things to do and get on with what you know needs to be done.”

MY son has always been a very strong minded character, knowing exactly what he does and does not want to do. Let me illustrate by sharing two stories from about the age of five.

He was in church attending the Sunday morning worship, which I was conducting. For some reason there was not the normal point in the service where children left to do their own thing under the supervision of adults. My sermon was in full flight. Then I noticed him walking up the aisle towards the front of the church. I paused just long enough to let him give vent. Loudly and clearly I heard him say, “If it is ok with you dad I will just go out and play. This is just going on and on and I am fed up with it.” My wife at that point got hold of him and in a trice he was out the door. I do not know what was said at the back of the door but they both returned quietly and he sat as good as gold till the end of the service.

Another example of his strong will bring me back to my main point for today.

It was bedtime for him and he was all ready to head off upstairs. I noticed the floor of the sitting room was covered in lego bricks. I asked him to put them away before we went upstairs. “Oh dad I am just far too tired.” I lifted him, sat him on my knee and we did the humpty dumpty. This ended with my opening my legs and letting him fall through with a gentle bump. He loved this silly game. “Do it again dad.” I did, three times. On the request for a fourth I said well how about another three after the bricks have been cleared away. I have never seen anything happening much faster. Very interesting considering how tired he was just a few moments ago.

Is it not amazing how we can always find the time to do the things we want to do. How equally easy it is to find reasons to do the things we do not. I wonder how many excuses I will mange to conjure up today?

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  1. So you bribed your little boy, not what you would expect from a man of the cloth but very ingenious. Lovely story as usual.

  2. Jerry if you come on and read the blogs today losing weight for me is a good thing. I hope you are well you are as ever in my thoughts.

  3. Ha Ha! Great blog. I no longer need a reason for not doing what I don't want to do. I simply don't. One of the privileges of getting older!

  4. I imagine the congregation erupted in laughter at your son's words, yes? LOL I also love how you got him to pick up those blocks. I'd have been stymied, ultimately resulting in all of us being upset. You continue to amaze Ralph. And I still love this photo of you!

  5. Thanks, Ralph, I am always here! Yes, the weight-loss will be great if I can stop it from going too much further! Wow, I laughed so hard at the words of your then, five year old son! Talk about truth from babes! Seldom did I ask my children to do chores "on their own" and always I told them that I needed their help. It is the same today.

  6. That is so funny I laughed out loud. My daughter is a similar character and she has the loudest voice in a room so everybody can hear her say the most embarrassing things. Children will often say truthful things with no malice intended. I still blush when I remember a friend I had around for dinner and my daughter asked her, 'What are you so fat?' Nobody is safe from her observations. xx