Saturday, 7 August 2010

It All Depends on How You See It

Today it will be for me all go, so much to do, so I am going to keep this short today. Tomorrow is a big day in my family. My children wanted to take me out for a meal to celebrate but after much consideration and talk it has been agreed to have a family gathering at home.

It is only after 6 am in the morning and already I have been given a list of things I have to do in preparation. I cannot understand what all the fuss is about; my family come here frequently for meals. Just because some 40 years ago I stood beside my wife and said, “I do.”

I keep telling her if I had murdered her I would have been paroled ages ago. But here we are on the threshold of this big step in life, a ruby wedding. I will rejoice I do not have to get all dressed up and wear a flower. Will put my kilt on and relax and think of Jerry in his Indian shoes.

Ok I can hear you all saying this is so not true. It is true that tomorrow is that special day, what is not true is I am being anything like I sound. I feel pleased that I have reached this stage in life and will tomorrow be reminded of it all. More important I will be sharing it with my family who are very precious to me.

But it just shows how you can always see everything in two different ways. I read a blog from somebody yesterday who visited my blog. A young lad who seemed to think he was of no value to anybody at all. I then noticed 615 people were following his blog. Who is he kidding, only himself.

I want this day to be light hearted and joyful. To help you have a good day I have two little tales for you that make me smile.

A boy was skating on one skate. A man saw him and said, “Don’t you know that you’re supposed to skate on 2 skates?” The boy said, “Someone stole my other skate, and that’s why I’m skating on one.”

As the man walked away, the boy yelled, “Hey Mister! Did you know that you can still have a lot of fun on just one skate?”

You have a choice. You can get mad at the person who stole your skate, or you can keep having fun on just one skate.

People do get mad at the slightest little thing sometimes.

A grouchy man walked into a cafe. After sitting down, he couldn't find on the menu what he was hungry for. Ten minutes passed and still no one had waited on him. Finally he yelled to a waitress who was walking by, "Hey! Do you serve crabs here?"

She said, "Yes, sir. I'll serve you in a minute."

Have a wonderful Saturday I am off to complete all the things on my ever growing list of tasks.

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  1. Happy anniversary, Ralph! Love the new look here too!

  2. Wow I thought I landed at the wrong place! New milestone, new image...

    Today I'm attending my aunt and uncle's 50th wedding anniversary. We need to get dressed up. Kilt? Oh that just makes American's laugh...

    I'll be thinking of you as we toast today. Enjoy your family celebration. I know I will.

  3. Good Morning and Happy Anniversery Ralph! I stole my bride from a sleepy little village outside of London forty-seven years ago! We are still getting to know each other. Those were far simpler times, She flew here on a tourist visa and a week later we were married. Not much paper work in those days. She tells me when she is finished seeing all there is to see here she may go back! I will wear my moccasins for you today!

  4. Happy Anniversary! And yes, most often it's all the way you look at something. Thought that skate story was great. There's a boy with optimism, resourcefulness and pluck : )

  5. Happy Anniversary and a lovely tale. Makes you feel much better happier and optimistic. Thanks.