Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Age Is catching Me Up

I have a father in law who is ninety-two years young. He has just had new replacement windows and doors put into his house, so it seems he intends to be around for a bit yet. Strange, because when you visit him all he has to tell you is that he is unable to do anything. He cannot see when he takes off his spectacles, he is dizzy when he gets out of his seat, and it takes him ages to get dressed in the morning.

When I was a parish minister I used to visit an old man in my parish. Every morning he used to do press ups, one for every day of his life. He used to wonder why as the years went on it got harder. I asked him if maybe it had to do with the increasing number of press ups.

Two worthy characters indeed. They say we get wiser with age, I don’t believe it, we just get more foolish. We forget to account of the simple reality that we are getting older.

Reminds me of the two old men in the nursing home. Old John said to his pal George, “I am 85 and I feel I am falling apart. How are you feeling George?” George responded,” Even though I am nearly 100 I feel like a new born babe.” “How can you possible feel like that?” said John. “Well,” said George, “I have no teeth, I am nearly bald, I cannot sleep through the whole night and I am back in nappies (Diapers).”

I am telling you this, because yesterday I went running and I did the same run as I did the day before and I arrived home exhausted. I complained to my wife. She reminded me I had not only run the day before but walked also. She also pointed out that I had not tried to run the distance in the time I had that morning. I looked at the clock and went to the shower feeling amazing.

Somebody once said to me that life was all about, “attitude, attitude young man!”

An old lady living in the same nursing home as John and George complained to the nurse. "My arms are so weak I can hardly lift a cup of coffee. My cataracts are so bad I can't even see my toothbrush. I can't turn my head because of the arthritis in my neck. My blood pressure medicine makes me dizzy. But thank God, I can still drive!"

I keep telling the younger people I pass when out running. Just let me rephrase that, I keep telling the young people who pass me when I am out running. That I only have one problem in life, “Youth Deficiency.”

It is amazing though how I speed up when one of those who pass me is of the fairer sex.

I am so glad that we can still laugh in the face of adversity. I am about to go and try that run again, I know it is foolish, I should have a rest day. I tell you what. Why don’t I just go and try it, you go get a nice cup of warm coffee and laugh at me.

Remember we do not stop laughing because we get old. We get old because we stop laughing.

Have a laugh on me today. But whatever have a great day.

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  1. This made me giggle even when I certainly wasn't in the mood for self reflection - have a great day yourself Ralph!

  2. Its amazing how you can see through my window all the way from Scotland!

    I'm off to visit friends on an island. I'll turn it into a photo shoot opportunity. I'll get some exercise, but nothing like your doing! Hope your run was good.

  3. It strikes me that the perfect word for this blog post, Ralph, is not from my region but from the Mainers..."Ayup." I'm just glad you can put on a burst of speed when the pretty young things come by you! LOL

  4. Good Morning young man! When I die I want to go like my grandfather did, peacefully in his sleep.
    Not like the screaming and yelling passengers in his car!

  5. Yep took just a minute to see that that was a real funny. Thanks again Jerry.

  6. That's an invitation I can't refuse and one that has never been offered before in my life! A laugh with my coffee ... I can never turn that down.

    Cheers Ralph

    I'm gonna never stop laughing!!!

  7. you made me smile today...both visits...thanks for visiting me...

    Can't help quoting Corot's love of painting.
    Have a good one....young one at heart.

  8. I agree with you when you say people get foolish rather than wise when they get older..I cant stop my FIL who is 82 years old, has only one poor eye and drives the car in heavy traffic, I refused to sit in his car and shame, that was the best I could do, considering how adamant he gets..I hope to be aware of myself and my deeds when I get to that age unless Alzheimer hits me.

  9. I enjoyed your stories today. One of my mother's favorite old time phrases..."you're as old as you feel", the problem is, I live with chronic pain in my spine, after years of feeling hurt and crippled up it can sometimes make you feel a lot older than you really are. I feel as though I've lost much of my youth because of it. My momma is 76 and she has the spirit of a 20 year old! Another of her favorite sayings "the older you get the wiser you get" . In a way, I believe that, we learn so much over the years, I would have loved to know (what I know now) when I was young and naive. You have a beautiful day Ralph, bless you.