Friday, 27 August 2010

Where is my Chocolate Cake?

Somebody said to me the yesterday,”Ralph there is no need to say thank you.” Of course there is a need to say thank you. I can tell you now I appreciate when somebody makes a nice comment or shows they appreciate something I have done. Knowing how I feel I want to make sure others know how much I appreciate them. What does it cost to say thank you, and even more important what does it cost to accept thanks?

There is a true story of the old lady who lived alone. Her next door neighbour baked regularly for her fellowship coffee mornings. One day she decided to make a chocolate cake extra for her neighbour. When the neighbour opened her door, she was surprised to see her holding the chocolate cake. She said, "For me? Oh, thank you so much! You just don't know how much I appreciate it! You are so thoughtful for doing this! Thank you!"

Because the old lady had liked the cake so much, she decided the next week to bake her another one. When she took it over, the old lady opened the door and said, "Thank you so much. You are so kind!"

She took another cake over the following week. The old lady responded simply with, "Thanks."

The next week she took another cake over, and the old lady said, "You are a day late with that cake."

The following week, she baked her another cake. This time her neighbour said, "Try using a little more sugar and don't bake it quite as long. The top has been a little bit hard lately.”

The next week she was so busy, she was unable to cook for her neighbour. When she passed by her house on the way to the store, the old lady looked through the window and noticed she wasn't carrying a cake. She then stuck her head out the window and yelled, "Where's my cake?!"

It's so easy to get used to our blessings. After enjoying them for a while, we begin to think we deserve them. Then instead of being thankful, we complain. It's a process that occurs so slowly, we don't even realize it's happening.

I could sit here all morning relating similar true stories.

The real sadness is that it is a very short stop from taking things for granted to complaining about what we have or receive.

I remember one day out running with a friend. As we ran along the canal bank he stopped, bent down and picked something up. I watched as he unfolded it. It was a five pound note. I commented, “Your lucky day.” he looked at me and said, “If it had been you it would have been a ten pound note.”

Complainers so easily look at the negative side of all things. They do not give thanks, and they complain about what they have because it is never enough.

My goodness I am on my hobby horse these last two days. Forgive me and thanks again to all of you who day in and day out read this blog and take time to comment or get in touch.

I leave you with a little thought, and a question. The question first! Are you a you a thanker or a complainer?

And the little thought!

Complaining is like bad breath, you notice it when it comes out of somebody else’s mouth but not your own.

Have a thankful day. This is the way of the Tao.

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  1. When I feel that I am at a dead end with no light at the end of the tunnel, I spend a few minutes reflecting upon my blessings and feel grateful, that small act brings back optimism and I am all set to sail through the difficult time :-)

  2. Love the bad breath line! So true. Gosh I hope I'm the thanker, but must be guilty of complaining too... As humans, its perhaps impossible to always be one without the other.

    Loved the cake story...

  3. I am so blessed I dare not begin my list of "thanks", it would consume your blog. Thank you Ralph for another 'great' read!

  4. I love your cake story. It's so true that we take our blessings for granted. Thank you for reminding me to be thankful to all of the dear people in my life.

  5. Good Morning Ralph, wow, I slept late today! For the past year I have been thankful just to get out of bed! I surround myself in gratitude, it makes me feel good! Thank you for taking the time to remind me of this. Now I am off to look at your shoes!

  6. You've nailed on the head why I said my husband and I needed humbling.

  7. I just absolutely loved this post today, Ralph. And the trainers, too.
    Never been a runner but I admire the sense of purpose and discipline you have.
    I like to think I am a thanker. Thanks for bearing witness to all the good around us and writing so eloquently to refresh our eyes.

  8. You are so right about taking things for granted! I must be both a thanker and a complainer. A good night's sleep and good health help me be thankful, but the complainer comes out when I'm frightened or tired or worried. Yeesh!

    Now I need to go brush my teeth, too! Thanks for the story and the reminder.

  9. Very true. I try to always be grateful and thankful for what I have, for the people in my life and all the little extras in my life, I know life could always be worse, it could always be more difficult. There are people everywhere with more difficult lives. I think you are right though, just like in your cake story, little by little you can begin to take things and people for granted without even noticing it. I'm glad I found your blog, you're a great story teller.