Friday, 20 August 2010

Artists are Funny People

What has been happening to me, these last few days, so very serious? Yesterday I met a friend of mine and he asked me if I was alright. I wondered what he meant. He then went on to say you are looking and sounding very serious and down. The truth is I was not, I was in fact feeling good, apart from the pain in my back after falling off my bike.

This made me think of the artist who was concerned that she had not sold any paintings for some time. She called the gallery owner where she had paintings hanging to ask if there had been any interest.

He replied, “I have good news and bad news for you. In what order would you like it?”

The lady replied, “Give me the good news first, that way I will be able to cope with the bad news.”

“Well,” said the gallery owner “A gentleman came into the gallery and asked if I thought you art would appreciate in value after your death. I tod him I was sure that it would. He purchased all of your paintings.”

“That is great news,” said the artist. “Now what is the bad news?”

“The gentleman was your doctor.”

It also reminded me of another little story of the artist who did not feel like painting one day. We all have those days, do we not?

The trouble was he had already paid his model for the day. When she arrived he told her he did not feel like painting so instead could they just sit and chat. She agreed. He opened a bottle of good wine and produced some lovely fresh fruit and cheese. He put on a piece of his favourite music, and they just sat and enjoyed each others company.

Later he heard the banging of a car door. His wife had arrived home early.

The artist jumped from his seat, “Oh no it is the wife. Quick get your clothes off!”

We artists, we are indeed a strange lot of people. Seems most of you who read this blog qualified on the test of ten I set you yesterday. Susan had me laughing when she reminded me of another. “The cold cup of coffee.” One morning my wife got up early and offered to make me a coffee. I have a lovely pottery cup I was given by her mother. I love coffee from it. She came back with the coffee and said, “I looked for your mug and I found five cups of cold coffee in the process.

Have a good day I am off to read your blogs.

This blog is linked to my other where I talk about the art used. Lotus River.


  1. Ralph, you are just simply a delight!

  2. So happy to have returned the laughter!

    Might your sudden seriousness be a contemplative zone? You've been focusing deeply on why you're an artist, why you paint. I find these times of searching and questioning ourselves are usually a point from which we can measure growth. Don't worry about it. I foresee a positive movement forward in your art, just around the corner...

    Embrace it.

  3. You are sooooo funny.
    I am going to remember the jokes.
    Good one!

  4. I personally hate it when someone tells me how down or serious I look. First, they are usually way off base and second, it's usually from someone who doesn't really know me at all. I can't help but think their motivations are less than sincere.
    You know, just tell me I look like I've gained weight, or mention how sad it is I have to deal with pimples at my age. But don't comment on my state of mind. Sheesh- if I need you to know that, believe me, I'll tell you.
    Thanks for the laughs Ralph!