Tuesday, 23 March 2010


I had a visit the other day there from two members of a well known sect. They have to be admired for their dedication and devotion to duty. They are after all giving up their own time knowing that they will face a certain amount of rejection and to some extent aggression. Yet there they were. Like me they had many choices of how to spend a beautiful morning, they had chosen this. Because I am aware of this I tend to treat them with respect and dignity. Having studied theology and philosophy at university I am also well aware of what it is they believe so I always politely tell them that I have given this deep and considered thought and that I would rather just get on with what I am doing. Most times that is enough but now and again you are met with a persistence that leaves me struggling within to stay calm.

It is not only in religion you meet those with a real fervour and mission for what they believe, I have equally met them in the circles of art. So I have one or two little guidelines I keep in mind, I call them my, “beware notes.”

Beware of those who they there way is the only way.

Beware of those with a good line in oratory.

Beware of those who are more interested in selling you DVDs and courses that being interested in your needs.

Beware of those who love to be surrounded by followers who admire them.

Beware of those who think one method is in and one method is out and puts down the outs.

Beware of those who never talk to you on anything other than a shallow level.

Beware of those who only ever tell you how wonderful you are.

But welcome with open arms those who give you an understanding of yourself and your journey. When I was young my mother was always telling me I had to do better or that I was doing something the wrong way. I had a father who was always asking me what I thought about things. When my mother berated me for not doing my best, my father would ask me, “Do you think you could have done better?” if I answered no he would say, “Well if you did you best that is great.”

How I loved being in his company. He certainly knew it was my journey and it was his job to just help me on it and the decisions I had to make. Since taking up art I have met all sorts of wonderful people willing to help me on the artistic journey but sadly I have also met many of the other sorts.

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  1. Thank you for this blog Ralph.
    Recently I have met so many in the art field; particularly in art galleries who may be listed in your 'bewares'. I know there are those who probably assist me in my artistic journey with pointers, a sharing of their journey and knowledge....having difficulty right now meeting them.

    I had a grandmother much like your father; if not for her I never would have believed in myself.

    Great blog, thanks.

  2. Definitely wisdom in your words, Ralph. I can't disagree with any of your beware-isms. Spot on.

  3. Hey Ralph, a fellow Scot (I presume, please forgive me if I am mistaken). A pleasure to meet you. Thanks for following and your comments - I made you smile.

    Re your post - that's about 90% of the people I meet on a daily basis. Thank heavens for the other 10% and for bloggers! Bloggers I find surprisingly intelligent, funny and talented. I wonder how long it will be before the rest of the world clues up and sabotages Blogsville??