Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Hairdressers Comb.

Going to the hairdresser for me is like going to the dentist. I am not at all sure which I would rather have, a tooth pulled or a haircut. But as I watched her cut my hair I was aware that in her hands the scissors and comb were very different from the same implements in my hand.

In seconds she had already started to bring order out of chaos. When I comb my hair it makes little difference yet when she pulls the comb through it and snips a little here and a little there order begins to reign.

The comb has been around for over five thousand years found by archaeologists in Persia. Those first known combs are not much different from those we carry around today in handbag or pocket. There have been throughout history some very decorative and expensive examples but basically they are all the same. A row of teeth equally spaced. There are those who refuse to comb their hair, rather they let it grow into dreadlocks. I am assured it is natural and very hygienic, but it is not for me. I may like it long, (in the opinion of some far too long) but I like to be able to draw a comb through it.

It is also amazing how functional and long lasting they are. I have lost many, but I cannot say I have ever worn one out. How marvellous they are, and they have much to tell us about life and living. They bring order from chaos; the artist strives to do the same from the chaos of paint and other items they bring beauty and order. The comb is a humble instrument and a survivor. The artist must be humble in the face of creation and the majesty of the universe, to produce something that will survive the ages and bring meaning and pleasure to others. The comb has its teeth but it does not bite, the artist gently and quietly portrays their inner message and leaves others to listen or ignore. The comb in the hands of the artist, like the hairdresser, can make marvellous marks in texture and paint.

The way Tao is to bring order from distress, peace out of ravage, harmony from chaos. Those who follow Tao do so simply by adding to the marvel of creation, never destroying but being at one with all around.

The hairdresser weaves her art, simply and humbly, and brings joy to many day in and day out.

Such is the way of Tao.

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  1. I for one do not comb my hair...I use my fingers. Something like the beginning of art...finger painting; and although I hold a brush in my hand I often feel my fingers creating the image; with fingers I can sense the movement, the flow and the wonder of the subject I am trying to portray.
    I strive for harmony .... but sometimes my fingers have their own way and chaos my reign.