Wednesday, 3 March 2010

The Joy of Flowers

I had a trip to the garden centre, time to begin thinking about what I will be planting and growing this season. As I drove there I saw that the snowdrops are in bloom even though the distant hills are still covered in snow. I always leave the garden centre feeling uplifted by the beauty of the flowers available, especially my first love orchids. The colours, shapes and the aroma make me heady with delight. Flowers speak volumes in their silent beauty. They are part of all the great occasions and festivals. When we marry, the bride carries them the groom wears one in his jacket, When somebody dies we offer them as tokens of consolation and an expression of our loss. When somebody is successful we offer them flowers and of course they are symbols of love and romance.

Those little snowdrops as they poke their little heads above the ground and the snow, call to us to prepare for the coming of spring. The lotus tells us to reach above the muddy tarnished part of life to see greater things. Then we have the rose, with its bud, opening with a wondrous glory of layer upon layer of petals. Walking into a room and smelling the strong aromatic scent of the hyacinth.

They speak to us of how we can brighten the lives of others by bringing a pleasant sense of peace into every corner. They tell that there is nothing that cannot be made better. Think of the poppy, it manages to bloom in the barest of positions. It also reminds us of the frailty of life and how each moment should be grasped and lived to its full.

The gardener tends with care his plants encouraging them to give of their best. He feeds them, waters them and in windy conditions he helps by giving them support. In return they reward him with all that they have.

The artist can capture the beauty that is so fleeting and ephemeral, and allow that beauty to last for years to come. The poet will strive to find the words to express that inner joy that the sight of a flower can bring. Consider the words of William Wordsworth.

I wandered lonely as a cloud

That floats on high o'er vales and hills,

When all at once I saw a crowd,

A host, of golden daffodils;

Such is the way of the Tao.


  1. Yes, one of my favourite pasttimes.....tending my daughter's gardens. Also wandering the countryside looking for signs of spring. Spring is a bit later here.....but I have spied some bulbs breaking the surface where the sun has melted some snow.
    I have started flower pots indoors,,,,,can't wait to enjoy planting in May

  2. A canvas blank as winter snow
    just waiting for the sun
    the artist will, with tools in hand
    will soon begin as one

    Be it poppies, orchids, heather or rose
    they come to life, begin to grow
    for life, for love, for those long gone
    on canvas they'll live forever on

  3. How I wish I knew who wrote this comment?

  4. A beautiful tribute written with reverence about the miracle of colorful colors as the earth gives us, depending on the season. Beautiful written and as an garden lover and photographer, I recognize my self in your words and I smiled. Snowdrops are below 1 meter of snow, yet. They are waiting for the sun's caresses to get the strength to break away from the frozen earth.

    Best regards from Sweden.
    Margareth Osju

  5. Glad you liked this My thoughts and yours seem at one in the Tao.