Thursday, 18 March 2010

The Golfer and the Elf

A golfer was playing his usual morning round of golf. He was having a fairly good round if not setting the course on fire. He was playing down the fifth fairway about to play his second shot. Just as he addressed the ball with his trusty seven iron something really strange happened. A little elf jumped out of the long grass and perched on his ball. The golfer stopped in disbelief. The little elf in his high pitched voice asked him, “How are you today good sir?” “I am well,” said the golfer. “Well,” said the elf, “I am here to offer you a wonderful opportunity. You can ask me any question you wish and I will give you a very truthful answer.” The golfer considered all the question he might ask of the elf. Would he be wealthy? Would he be happy in his life? Would he have children and have a beautiful wife?

Eventually he decided on the best question. The one he most wanted answered. So he spoke to the elf and he asked him, “Can you tell me, are there golf courses in heaven? The elf said, “I am not sure give me just a second or two to go and find out.”

The golfer waited, looking at his ball in disbelief. True to his word the elf appeared back to his place on top of the golf ball. “OK,” says he, “I have the answer to your question. There is good news and there is bad news.” “Right,” says the golfer, “give me the good news first. “There are wonderful golf courses in heaven. There you will find beautiful fairways and greens as smooth and true as billiard tables. You can play golf of a very high standard because you will have the best of clubs and everything else needed to play first class golf.”

“Wonderful,” says the golfer. “What is the bad news?” “Well,” says the elf, “you are due on the first tee at nine o’clock tomorrow morning.”

Are there art studios in heaven? Who cares? There may well be. There may or may not be a heaven. This might be all there is. Those are big questions indeed. But there is little we can do about finding the answers. What we can do is get on with living and creating and being the very best that we can at this moment in time.

Let tomorrow take care of tomorrow, live this precious moment now as if it was the last you were to have. As you take the brush in hand or the chisel or whatever implement you use to create do so with a burning desire to create the greatest you have ever done.

This is the way of Tao.

This blog is linked to another which I consider to be a small addition to this blog where I look at the artwork and why the chosen artwork was used. I did not wish to clutter this blog with that inforamtion Maybe I was wrong? It can be seen at :- The Cheeky Chappie


  1. Not a Taoist, Ralph, but wise words nonetheless. Love that self-portrait! And thank you also for your wonderfully kind words on my blog.

  2. What truly is best? I don't know.....I do know I see much on a certain art site that is not even good, never mind best. And I also think the artist producing the work knows it is not his/her best.
    Shame on them for their production. But please don't also insult my intelligence by giving me some lengthy dissertation on what that mess is supposed to mean. Really don't want to read the 'excuse'.
    We are so quick today in this instant society to accept what popular demand tells us is good. Harold Rosenberg says it best....".....They have put into practice the notion that a BAD ART work cleverly interpreted according to some obsure Method is more rewarding than a masterpiece wrapped in silence".
    Hopefully all who read this blog will endeavour to follow the path of Tao and produce their best today.

  3. Thanks for the comments. I believe it is possible to follow the way of Tao no matter what or who you are. It is unlike religion you do not sign up for it or become a member. if a person is already religious and a follower then they may well be better at that for giving thought to following the Tao.

  4. Certainly your blog incites contemplation. Thinking of best ... we do not encounter much that is 'best' in today's market. Furniture, homes, instant menus, clothing... all designed on the cheap to look glamorous....not the best the craftsperson could produce.
    Doesn't matter if it is good or sells! In this 'instant gratification' environment we live in I do feel it becomes more and more important that the artist always strive to do his best; may not satisfy the 'instant seekers'; but will survive as 'the best'.

  5. I love the narrative and the self portrait!