Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Why Do Some People Always Complain?

Today I have added two pictures to this blog of a beautiful little inn I came across when on holiday. It was at the end of a long and fairly arduous walk so it probably look and felt more comforting that it was in reality. The ale I had was probably not any better than many others I have tasted over the years but it did seem to hit all the proper spots, and bring a much needed feeling of wellbeing.

Yes I did still manage the odd visit to a little local hostelry even though my mission was to lose weight and get fit.

The one thing that spoiled the place was not the hard stone floor, it was not the somewhat smoky log fire, it was, in fact, having to listen to the loud conversations of two people who did nothing but notice all the faults of everybody and everything.

As I walked the rest of my journey home I thought of the story of the couple who pulled into a petrol pump station, I think some of you may call it a gas station. The story is as follows.

After the pleasant and helpful attendant had filled the petrol tank, she very kindly wiped and washed the windshield. When she finished, the driver stuck his head out the window and said, "It's still dirty. Wash it again."

"Yes, sir," the attendant replied. After she cleaned it a second time, the driver said, "Don't you know how to wash a windshield? It's still filthy. Now do it again!"

The attendant scrubbed the windshield a third time, carefully looking for any messy spots she might have missed. By now the driver was fuming. "I can't believe you are so incompetent that you can't even do a simple job like cleaning a windshield! I'm going to report you to your boss!" he had of course forgotten that the attendant was not in fact obliged to wash it.

His wife, who up till that point had remained calm and silent, reached over and removed his glasses. She wiped them clean with a tissue, and then put them back on his face.

It was amazing how clean the windshield was!

Sadly there are so many speck inspectors in the world, ready to criticise everybody and everything. As I looked at the two sitting in that lovely little bar I wondered how many skeletons lurked in their cupboards.

Critical people always finds things wrong with others because they are looking through the dirty glasses of their hearts.

When our love for others decreases then our criticism of others can only increase. When our love of others increases our criticism will in turn decrease.

When we cherish the love offered strangely we have so much more to offer.

Now would it not be lovely if we could all bloggers together meet in this little inn for a chat and sharing session.

This is the way of the Tao. The Moron of the Glen.


  1. Oh, now there's a wonderful thought! I'm share a pint with you Ralph, any day.

    The constant complaining would have bothered me too...

  2. Sure Ralph we could do so. Sometimes I wonder why people behave like that, is it their own insecurity that is making them find fault at others. I just can't stand people who are always trying to find faults, even when there are none. The negativity can be so contagious, that if surrounded by negative thinking people we would also unconsciously become like them. Whenever I come across such people, I try to bring them out of their negative thoughts, and start something positive , and in the end we are happily exchanging good things among ourselves.
    But to do such things one must always be alert and see to it that we ourselves don't fall into their negative trap.

  3. I call this type of person 'hyper critical'....and find that they are 'hyper' about everything in their life. I grew up with a 'hype critical' parent and try doubly hard not to criticise; I don't believe I do.

    You can offer this type of person the world and it will never be 'right'.

    Thanks for the blog.

  4. Good Morning Ralph, it will be a great day and I ate a feast last night for dinner! In fact I posted a recipe of what I made on my blog! hoping that other's will post recipes also. Now that I have my appetite back I want to eat everything and especially something I have never had before! Wow, a convention in a little Scotish Pub, now that would be fun!

  5. My favorite line of yours today is: "Critical people always finds things wrong with others because they are looking through the dirty glasses of their hearts."

    I am guilty of being critical- although hopefully not in a public situation. I know it is because I find faults in others that I perceive in myself. I'm working on it.

    Thanks Ralph!

  6. This is the common nature of a man, he often points the finger at others but forgets that when he's pointing one finger at others, three of his fingers will be pointing at him. That's life, it has everything in proper proportion, which will be dealt with sometime sooner or may be a little later.

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