Thursday, 7 October 2010

Laziness is Just Resting Before You Are Tired.

 I awoke in a cold sweat, I was in the middle of a terrible dream, a recurring nightmare. I remember when I decided to get myself into university, even though I had left school with no qualifications. I managed it and then the real work began. In my first year on the course I had to get Hebrew and Ancient Greek up to higher level. Now for somebody with no language skills that was frightening. So all those years later I still from time to time wake up in fear that I may not pass that examination, even although I in fact did.

It was hard work and it has obviously had its toll. Would I do it all again? Yes I would, without a shadow of doubt.

Yesterday I saw two things that made my heart heavy. Not far from me lives a lovely family. The children each day set off to walk to school at a brisk and impressive pace. The journey is just over a mile, but I am sure by the time they got there they were awake and ready for a day of learning. The eldest child has become age to drive, passed the test and got a car. She now drives to school taking her younger brother with her. I leave you to ask if this is progress.

The second thing at first made me laugh, but on reflection was really even worse. I was out having a pre dinner walk. A car drew up at the gate of a house on the road where I was walking. The driver blew the horn twice. As I passed the car the window was rolled down to allow the driver to discard her cigarette butt. I heard her say to her friend on her cell phone, “I am out at the gate waiting for you.” Now before you think the gate was a long way from the door of the house let me tell you it was no more than 20 metres.

Having seen what the lack of exercise can do I find it sad that the most familiar smell for so many young people today is the smell f the petrol station.

Reminds me of the tale of the professor who handed out the end of term examinations. At the end of the allotted period he gathered them in. On one of the examination papers he noticed a $100 note attached with a note saying, “A dollar a point.” On the day he handed back the papers he handed out that particular students work with an envelope containing $64 dollars change and the awarded mark 36. The note also said you only get what you worked for here.

There is a beautiful Chinese proverb that says, “Man stand for long time with mouth open before roast duck fly in."

Now before anybody accuses me of being on my soapbox accusing the young of sloth, let me assure you I am not. I read the other day that the trend for longer life is slowing down as the activity of people slows down. I just find that so sad when life is such a beautiful thing and we should want to live it to its full for as long as we can.

So let me end I hope with a smile, and a friendly dig at my own age group.

A visitor said to her hostess, "What a beautiful vase. What's in it?"

"My husband's ashes," she replied.

The visitor said, "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know he had died."

"He hasn't died. He's just too lazy to find an ashtray."

For every person on the ladder of success there are twenty waiting for the elevator.

I hope you have a lovely and a fruitful day, and I know all who will read this will do just that.

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  1. Good Morning Ralph, I think today will be a great day although I am not sure of the date!
    Older generations have always complained of the younger, it is a tradition. Youth is wasted on the young. I remember my parents worried with the "British Invasion" and the Beatles and their long hair! What was the world comming to? Youth here are the same, driving their cars three blocks to school creating a need for an entire city block to be used as a parking lot. I do blame the adults though. Children today did not create this world they are growing up in. I think the amazing things is they will do well despite what we have given them. In our educational system, to save money, we have omitted foreign languages. Hebrew or Greek or Latin or French is not an option for them. To save money we have removed Shakespeare and Literature and wonder why they can't read. We have removed Theater and Dance and Art and wonder why they have no imagination. We have removed Physical Education and wonder why they are overweight. Recently we have removed Sex Education and Health! We do get what we pay for.
    McDonald's has a larger budget than our educational system.

  2. Yes indeed; love that Chinese proverb. We are quickly becoming a socity of 'couch potatoes'. There is even a tv programme where a nutritionist visits obese people ... many unfortunately young.... teaches they how to eat, how to excercise, how to live! What an utter shame!

    I am firm believer in planting young feet as you would potatoes. Feet in the mud, sunshine and rain on the head and watch them grown enjoying nature. Not sitting in a car seat muching on some fattening snack.....and to boot, some cars now equipped with a small television so children can watch a video!!!!!

    Not only are we becoming lazy....we are becoming obese! On this side of the problem obesity has become A NATIONAL concern; and millions being spent on 'solving the problem'

    Just put my mother in charge....'you want it, you work for it'; 'you want to get from point A to point B' use your feet'!

  3. walking is the finest meditation
    in existence...

    those who walk, see
    those who see, know
    those who know, love
    those who love