Wednesday, 13 October 2010

When Reality Hits you In the Face

I had a really weird experience as I ran one morning recently. I was running along a road I had run so many times since returning to this part of the world. I had never thought about it before today but I remembered when I was a young man I had gone out with a girl who lived on that very road. We had been going out on dates for a fair length of time and if truth were to be told there was almost an acceptance that we were one day going to be a couple.

The big day came, as they did in those days, when I was invited to meet the parents. Things went well at first. I had made a very special effort to look my best. Now my best was not for most the norm. I had long hair even in those days. I also knew that I had some strong opinions that would probably be best to keep to myself. I did my very best. I left the home of the girl that night feeling that things had gone very well considering.

The next day reality hit me in the face. The girl told me her father had said that he thought she could do a lot better than me. He had higher expectation than to have his daughter marry a butcher. I did try to explain that I had no intention of staying that all my life but it was too late. The relationship just fizzled out.

It is strange how things turn out is it not. Sadly that girl went on to get married to a husband who had a tendency to violence and the marriage did not last. The last I saw of her she was not at all a happy person and life was not being kind to her.

For me on the other hand it was one of the many spurs that made me look at just what I was doing with my life. When reality hits it certainly makes you think.

I wonder what happened to the lad in the tale I hope does not offend but starts your day with a smile.

Like me he had a girl who he was very fond of and she was very fond of him. She told him that there were two things she very much wanted him to do for her. The first was that she wanted him to come to her home and meet her parents over dinner. The second was she wanted him after the dinner to take her somewhere nice and make love with her.

Now here was a young man faced with a real trial but he was determined to do his very best because he cared deeply for the girl.

His first task was to learn all he could about table manners and good practices. He read about how to use the cutlery properly and what to say and not to say.

The second thing he needed to find out about was making love and safe sex, who better to help him than the pharmacist. He went to the pharmacy and asked to speak privately with the male pharmacist. He explained the situation saying that this would be his first ever experience and he wanted it to be done correctly and well. The pharmacist spent a good hour telling him all that he needed to know. He then asked him how many condoms he wanted. He explained they could be purchased in packs of three, five or the family pack of ten. He chose the last, the family pack.
That night he arrived at the home of his girl. She answered the door and ushered him into the dinning room where the parents were sitting at table. He immediately offered to say grace, one of things he had read about.

He bowed his head. He stood for what seemed like ages. Eventually the girl whispered to him, “I did not know you were so religious.”

He replied, “I did not know your father was a pharmacist.”

I hope this does not offend anybody but it was a story that made me laugh especially considering the recent thoughts I had remembered on a morning run.

I hope you have a wonderful day.

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  1. Good Morning Ralph, today will be a great day!
    You never lose your first love, you only lose your place in line! This internet is pretty amazing and one day last year I found my "first love" while surfing the web. OMG! she is an "old lady" now, almost as old as I am! I was happier with the frozen memory of youth.

  2. That had me laughing out loud!!! That's for such a funny start to my morning Ralph : )))

  3. And I am LOL this Wednesday norning.
    What a nice start.
    Love to read your blog.

  4. Enjoy your day! Great blogs always!