Tuesday, 19 October 2010

It Is Not Enough To Make a Decision.

 I have made some very important decisions in my life, some that have turned out to be wise ones others that have turned out to be less than wise. When I was a young lad I wanted more than anything to be a brain surgeon. I often wonder how many lives have been saved because I chose not to follow through on that desire.

As principal teacher it was my task each year to plan the incoming year’s department plan. In this we laid out the objectives for the year. We set out the aims and the objectives of the department in terms of fairness to all students no matter their sex, race or creed.

Each course to be followed was listed with outline plans for all lessons to achieve the teaching of the course. We also listed how we would raise the grades being achieved by the students in the department. I worked hard each year on the production of this manual of teaching. Each year I designed a new front page cover. Once it was completed I presented the teachers in the department with a copy. I submitted a copy to education authorities and the inspectorate.

How proud I used to feel when it was used by them as an example of a well produced handbook.

The truth behind all this was though, that once it was done it found its way on to the shelve in my office and I got on with the serious business of getting students through examinations, and into university. That after all was why I was doing the job I did. Fortunately all of the aims and the objectives were reached, but not because of the handbook but because I had made a decision to give my all to my students.

That decision did not cause me or my family any alarm at all. The decision I made to quit the ministry was another thing all together. I mad e the decision on the Wednesday and told the congregation on the Sunday. Then I realised I was now homeless and jobless with two young children. Not a good decision.

In the end it turned out well for us but it could so easily have been otherwise.

Day by day we are faced with choices and decisions. It is easy to make decisions it is not always so easy to follow them through.

I met a friend yesterday who is a wonderful example. He is always telling me, “I have made a serious decision to…..” Then he will tell me what it is he is going to do. I laughed. He asked me, “What is funny Ralph?”

I told him I was thinking about all the other decisions he had made in the past and yet here he was and not a thing had changed.

Let me finish today with a little teaser for you.

There were three frogs sitting on the leaves of a Lilly pond. One made a decision to jump. How many frogs were left on the Lilly leaves?

Now if you think you know the answer got to my other blog. The Lilly Pond


  1. Good Morning Ralph! I am to see the main Voodoo Doctor today, so we shall see what this day brings. Did you ever get the "Lil' Abner" cartoon by Al Cap on your side of the pond? Once he said, "We have met the enemy and he is us!"
    It is not the outside world that prevents our dreams, it is our fear of dreaming.

  2. Ah! Decisions, decisions; yes I make many. Foolhardy it is!
    Sort of like 'New Year's Resolutions' isn't it. I stopped making those when I turned 17....nonsense. No matter what the decision; it's a case of determination and the will and desire to follow through.
    For every decision I make; I draw a follow through plan.