Sunday, 17 October 2010

I Can Resist Anything.

Yesterday I had what for me was a marvellous experience. Marvellous experiences are not always something out of the ordinary, for me it was most surely not. My wife suggested I needed a new pair of trousers for walking. Now I am not at all one who enjoys shopping but I went because we were going to combine it with a short walk through the Dean Village. This is a village right in the heart of Edinburgh a place few people seem to know about so it has retained its beauty and its peace. I will tell you more of this another day and show you some pictures. So I was tempted to the shopping by the thought of the visit.

I gave in to temptation. How easy it is to do that to just give in, much easier to give in that to resist.

There was a cartoon of a farmer feeding his pigs. As he filled the trough with food one hog said to the other, “I wonder why he is so good to us.” Temptation is a bit like that. It looks exciting to begin with but in the end it only leads to misery.

A young lad was told by his mother to come straight home from school and not to stop at the football pitch on the way home. He said that he would but he put his goalkeeping gloves in his schoolbag just in case he was tempted.

I have done a great deal of resisting temptation this last month or two in my effort to get back to my proper weight for my height. There were times when it was not easy. Like the times when I was about to have a cup of coffee and saw the biscuit tin and thought how nice a chocolate biscuit would be with the coffee.

Enough of that: back to my marvellous experience. No, it was not the village, even though it was lovely to go back down memory lane. It was when we visited the outdoor retail store and I tried on a pair of walking trousers. What a joy it was to be rewarded all my resistance to discover I was able to once again purchase a pair with a 30” waistband.

Joy comes from the simple things of life but it often also comes from the rewards of resisting temptation.

Sorry that this blog is so short but today I have a three and a half hour drive to take my caravan up north for my son. I will set it up then make the journey home so I best not give into the temptation to sit here to long.

Have a great day.

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  1. Good Morning Ralph, today will be a great day!
    30" waist??? I think my arms are about that size!
    I might have been ten years old the last time I wore pants measuring 30"! I admit I do feel better now, although I wouldn't reccomend a chemo-diet to anyone. I went from 40" to 36" and they fit loose. I think I'll keep it there and neither a gainer nor a loser will I be! I can walk a bit now, not your Scottish mountains, but I am enjoying 8 to 10 blocks with my dog. You do give me encouragement and I will increase this to 20 blocks or so. Then, who knows? Once you are on this road you have to find out where it goes!

  2. -I must get on your side of things and start resisting temptation.. because my backside is not the svelte backside of yesteryear! You are right to be happy about those pants. Congratulations, Ralph-