Wednesday, 8 September 2010

So You Think You Have No Worth?

Somebody spotted it the other day I think it might have been Susan, I am so sorry I cannot remember. She spotted that something more was going on in my life and that once I got that sorted the painting would follow. I said nothing at the time but I think that maybe there was more truth in it than I had thought.
I took a look one day, well I was forced to, somebody commented on my weight increase. I think they kindly said, “Mmmm nice spread of tummy there.” When I looked I was not too happy with what I saw. So I have been doing a bit of stock taking.

There is this wonderful and yet frightening journey I have been travelling, called Life. It is good to stop now and again and take stock of it, just to remind ourselves of how the journey has been. So often I have heard people ask the question, “Why me?”

The easy answer is of course, why not me? Having thought about it a bit I have another slant on it. How else could I have become the person I am if I had not made the journey I have made?

My life, my journey is the very tool that has taught me the how and why of living. It neither matters that I have had good and bad experiences. It only matters that I learned something important from each experience. The goodness of an action speaks for itself, learning the error of a bad experience may not reveal itself so easily. The difference in the two journeys is how I use them to learn and to improve my life.

I know it was a phrase overused, but I liked it when Forest Gump said life was like a box of chocolates. The trouble is it often seems that the box is all the same flavours. Well it is up to me to choose an assorted box. My life has indeed been an assorted box, some bits I have loved some bits have been real bad experiences.

I am so fortunate that I have been able to make a teacher out of life’s experiences I have learned from my journey how to have a good day. My teacher, my life's journey has shown me the bad days, but in so doing this, I choose not to allow bad days to accompany me on future journeys. Dying can change your perspective in just one heartbeat. Death can show you every reason that just simply being alive is the greatest box of chocolates of all, as Jerry reminds us all each and every day. I find that for me my journey both good and bad, happy or sad remains a great challenge. To be able to just breath, aye that's life at its very best and what a wonderful and exciting journey it's been, and will continue to be.

The nice spread of tummy is almost gone completely.

Yesterday I got the shortest haircut I have had in years, though still not short enough to please everybody. Yesterday I received a wonderful gift from another blogger of a beautiful drawing. I discovered somebody special was getting over an illness.

Life was good and whoever it was who said it was correct, the painting will most surely come.

I hope my ramblings today are not too personal to be of any use to anybody else. If so once again, apologies.

I am off to have a run and remember all of you the wonderful world of blogging.

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  1. Isn't your blog a place to sort your thoughts Ralph? I like reading them and they always are just ripe with truths, and most of the time, they are truths I personally need to hear.

  2. Good Morning Ralph, I awoke this morning to a huge downpour of rain! The washing away, cleaning up the air kind of rain. Today will be great and I can breath deeply! I love your journey stories and your reminding us that it is the run that is significant, not crossing the finish line. THE finish line can wait for a while I have more things to do!

  3. Jerry has it right. Its not enough to merely exist. Enjoy the ride! ...or in your case Ralph, the run. But I think you're already doing that.

    As far as I know, we only get one go around, like one day at the carnival. Are you going to just watch everyone else have fun or are you going to ride with arms up in exhilarating laughter?

    Relax, be kind to others and everything will fall into place.

  4. Your words about the journey you have made, 'How else could you have become the person you are.'
    That is exactly what each of us have.. our own personal experiences, the good, the bad, the really bad.. that has been our 'book' our story, no two are ever the same. Thats what makes each of us unique, different ..
    Every one of those episodes, if you will, has made me who I am... and I regret none .. no not even the worst of them... It's all part of what we call 'my life.' and thanks Ralph for letting us think about that...

  5. Another inspirational post Ralph! Thank you.
    I don't like it when someone comments on my weight- unless they are saying something nice. BUT- in my home state we have an extreme problem with obesity. So I've revised my opinion. If someone's thoughtless comment can motivate you to take better care of yourself- it's a good thing.
    The drawing you received is gorgeous!

  6. I like how focused you are, --it is inspirational! I also like how you remind me about important things. You are a wise man, Ralph! Congratulations for taking good care of yourself. It is something we all need to understand..we must do it, because no one is going to do it for us.

  7. I think it's always valuable to take stock of where we are and what we have achieved. I aim to do this daily. As my daughter's school says, "Mistakes are beautiful. They are part of our learning." Too often we try to be perfect instead of appreciating everything around us on the mysterious journey. xx