Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Now What Was All That About?

I had a really mixed bag of a day yesterday yet it turned out to be a day well worth having. I suppose I was playing a kind of game, do anything you can to keep busy and then you can justifiably say you had no time to paint.

I ran in the morning, the sun shining on the water but a strong wind made every stride feel like two. I then went wild berry picking. I collected wild blackberries, they make the most marvellous crumble. I recommend this if you are not worried about the number of calories.( recipe available) I filled two large two litre containers. While collecting them an old man passed and stopped to speak. He was a nice old lad, but I could not make head or tale of what he was talking about, and he sure did not want to listen, just words. Made me remember my days as a preacher, I used many words in those days. I often left the pulpit thinking to myself; well that was another lot of word, word and words.

I began to think about this and blogging. I suppose in many ways the two are related, we bloggers are trying to share our thoughts and experiences with one another. I say this because I am so happy to have found blogging and so many friends. Is there any other differences? Of course there is. Here we are sharing from the well of life with no effort to change the lives of other. You could never say that about the preacher.

That said I have listened to some marvellous preachers who have inspired. I have also heard some who had never learned the art of knowing when to sit down. There sermons were like longhorn cattle, a point here and a point there but in between a lot of bull.

Another thing blogging and preaching has in common is this. Preaching is not about hetting up and having to say something, it is about getting up and having something to say.

I would hate to be in the position of having to have something to say, but I know you my friends in blogging will tell me if that happens. I would hate to be like the preacher who thought he had preached a marvellous sermon and was glowing in the praise of his congregation at the door of the church. A visitor, who could be forthright said, “I loved that sermon this morning, it was like water to a drowning man.” Think about that.

If my blogs ever become like water to a drowning man please tell me.

A minister was standing at the church door greeting the congregation as they left. A lovely old lady took his hand. She wished him a good day with the most beautiful of smiles. Then she delivered the sucker punch. “Minister, it seems that every sermon you preach is better than the next one!"

I am saying all of this because all those who gave me marvellous advice yesterday were right and I promise to listen to you all. I have always been guilty of seeing things from the need to be good at everything I do and I get so at myself when I do not. I had a beautiful church in a lovely parish. The church building was beautiful with its marvellous oak panels. It could seat 1000 people. When I stepped into the pulpit you would think that all I would see was a sea of faces of friends. You know I had the ability to notice that one empty seat.

Thank you all my dear blogging friends who help me keep art in its place and my place in art.

Now what was all that about?  Have a lovely day it is raining here so I am going to read some blogs.

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  1. Hello Ralph, I think we all tend to focus on the empty seat in a crowded church in our lives. I always enjoy my visits here because you often uplift and inspire in your unique way. The crumble sounds wonderful. Crumble is my favourite pudding. I could live on Apple Crumble. xx

  2. Good morning Ralph. Love this sentence:

    There sermons were like longhorn cattle, a point here and a point there but in between a lot of bull.

    It could be said about everything creative. We need to keep it cohesive. Have one main idea and let everything support that. Thanks for putting that thought into my head. I'll go paint now with that in mind...

    I really like this diptych of the ocean. You captured grandness and peacefulness. Two things that I associate with the sea. Well done!

  3. Good Morning Ralph. it is raining on this side of the world too! I am so glad you picked yourself up and dusted yesterday's "beating" off!
    We wouldn't do that if we didn't like you. I have always found that in my "art" the more enthusiastically I like it, the quicker I sell it. When I am equivacal the customer senses that I could have done better and it sits. Yes, our blackberries are ripe too! I would love your recipe!

  4. Wow Ralph. A beautiful post today. Thank you.