Friday, 2 April 2010

Age Matters Not

I had an old aunt who lived in a tenement block in Dundee and a marvellous lady she was. She was of that ilk who never said die, always positive and always full of joy. She had a leg amputated at a very late stage in life and was offered a place in an old folks care home. Her sister had died at the age of ninety-four so she lived alone. Her reply to the offer was exactly what we expected from her, “Oh no I could not live there it is full of old people.” Her mind was as sharp as a knife and she insisted on her independence. She reluctantly agreed to have a telephone installed but drew the line at washing machines and all those new fangled gadgets.I still have her old washing board which she used right up until her death.

 My daughter studied in Dundee and she and my aunt became very close friends neither treating the other as if there was an age gap. Dundee boasts a nightclub called Fat Sams; she always had a notion to go there. She saw each day as a day full of new possibilities and would not tolerate people saying they could not do anything. She died aged 104.

Three sisters lived together aged 90, 92 and 94. The 90 year old went to have a bath as she was getting in she wondered if she was getting in or out, her 92 year old sister told her to wait she would come up and check. When she got to the top of the stairs she asked if she was on her way up or on her way down. The 94 old knocks her knuckles on the table and says,” I hope I never get like that pair.” She shouts up to them, “Just wait till I answer the door and I will sort this all out.”

Every day is a day with wonderful possibilities and today might be one full of surprises.

I am keeping this short today because I am up early, I have my trainers on and ready to go out for a ten mile run. Those who follow this blog and know what has been happening in my life this last week will now turn their heads and look at the calendar.

Have a lovely day and look again at my picture on the profile of this blog. Is that the little twinkle in the eye I used to see when I looked into the eye of my lovely aunt Liz.

To quote her, “Smile or I’ll kill ye deed.” For those not from Dundee that translates, “smile or I will kill you dead.”

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  1. ohhhh I envy you this positive relative. I come from a long line of losers who wanted to quit at every turn. lol. I am not even kidding. Not a positive one in the lot. Well, I guess my Mom had her moments. Is this you running? My, you cut a handsome figure.
    I hope you are feeling much better. I am so sorry you got hurt. Don't is one thing to be positive and another to overdo!!

    Interesting portrait in the post below. I have some catching up to do.

  2. Thank you so much Celeste for your kind words. I should explain I hit the publish button too early so it looks like this was published yesterday. I do not know about where you are but here we have a tradition of making jokes on this day so the comment about running at the end and in the pic is because this is April 1st. Yes it is me at the end of a marathon.

  3. Okay, you got me hook, line and sinker! Really though you had an amazing sudden recovery from your injuries!

    I too had an aunt like yours. Always positive, loving, caring, independent as they come. With thirteen of her own children she still had time and space in her heart for everyone who came her way. She always had words of encouragement and always found the humour to brighten every day. She never gave up on anyone. Miss her so.

  4. Ha Ha Ruby got you indeed april fool as they say. If I was to try running today i would call teh undertaker and warn him of my route coordinates I am just dtermined that on this day I will not be negative. I can hardly walk yet but I will dream of running.

  5. As Celeste says, you cut a fine figure, Ralph. Now I have to admit to cackling aloud at the story of the three sisters! I think your family sounds like a fine lot!

  6. Love this story, Ralph! I also know Dundonians will love it too. Dundonian's can't get enough of the town they love to hate. Ha!

    If your dear aunt lived to 104 Dundee may not be as harsh as it seems. Hmmm ...

    Ye sharp intake of breath at the ten mile run ... You have your photograph, your memories and your medals ... Well done! And enjoy.