Friday, 16 April 2010

A Walk in the Park

Nothing ever is as straightforward as you hoped it would be and so it was in the progress of Nettie. A week or so after the purchase of the coat I was down for our early morning cup of coffee outdoors. We had been taking a flask and a couple of mugs and having our coffee as we walked round the square. The house was never far from sight but we were now venturing slightly further. I was therefore surprised one day when Nettie told me she could not go over the door that day. I am not sure she knew why and, if she did, I never ever found out. What Nettie said was that when this had all started she had been ok because the outside air was cold and it kept the sweats at bay. Now the weather was turning to spring and yesterday she had felt bad. I said I understood, even though I was finding it very difficult. Lost for words I said it would be alright because I would go home and do a version of the rain dance only instead I would dance for snow. I was really trying not to show my disappointment and near despair. I was staying positive, but I knew we had reached a difficult stage. I went out to do some other visits and work with a heavy heart.

The next day I arose at the same time ready to go down and see if we were walking or not. I went downstairs and looked out the kitchen window. I could not believe what I was seeing, there was a beautiful covering of snow everything was white. I was now for real dancing round the kitchen floor.

Determined to make the most of this event I headed down the road to see Nettie. “Right,” I said “Coat lets go and make the most of this marvellous day.” We got in the car and drove back to the manse. I nipped into the house and got my daughter and my dog. We drove the very short distance to the nearby estate with its large grounds and big house. Here we could walk, all four of us, and we would be lucky if we saw anything other than wildlife at this early time of the day. It was marvellous. I took some great pictures. My daughter took Nettie’s hand something she had never done with her daughter. I could see a tear running down her cheek and knew we were back on track. We were now in fact more than back on track because not only had we walked but on the way back Nettie came into the Manse for coffee with my daughter, she helped by showing Nettie where everything was kept, the two of them were getting on like a house on fire.

I never told her I was hopeless at dancing, after all the snow had come. For long after this day we joked that I did a great turn at snow dancing. Tomorrow I will bring this story to its end and answer the question of Netties daughter.

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  1. Would you mind doing that snow dance and directing it to Southern Ontario...25 degrees in April is just too hot....snow please!

    I can just see your son's hand reaching for Nettie's; what a beautiful vision...a vision offering Nettie a bridge across the chasms of her fears and solitudes! Extended from a child with genuine warmth and without restraint or judgement; this must have done much to let Nettie know she was loved and mattered.
    He must have been young, for you were not so old in this story; a gesture so profound to one in need not found in many with far more years behind them! You must be very proud of that young wise young man!

  2. Sorry Ruby it was my daughter my son was still in his pram just a very small baby. My daughter would be between 3/4 and yes she was like that as I said in a blog all about her recently. She is a girl I am very proud of and not at all surprised she works in a caring profession. She and my son have both grown to be very caring people and I am proud of them.

  3. But what about Nettie herself, Ralph. Did she recover from her agoraphobia? How amazing that your daughter helped Nettie as she did. Children just have a way about them, don't they?

  4. Ah Ralph. And now we wait for the rest of the story. Love the way you weave your storytelling in with your art. Looking forward to tomorrow's post...

  5. yes, did Nettie get over the agoraphobia?
    great story..and that is a great painting too--!