Saturday, 24 April 2010

Know Yourself

I cannot paint; I am not sure what it is that is wrong with me. I think maybe I need to get some new brushes or maybe I need to think about trying another kind of paint. Maybe I need to get more light into the place and open myself out to the world around more. Maybe I need to look at the canvas I am using it may be that a better canvas or a different canvas would get things back on track for me.

It is not just my painting it is my running. I am not running nearly as well as I used to. Maybe I need to change the route find a new path. Maybe I need new trainers, the cushioning has maybe worn a bit thin in the ones I have. The running shorts are cutting in a bit more than usual maybe I need to change these.

All in all I need so many things maybe I need to sit down and work out what my priorities are. Make a list of the things I need to do and alongside it the cost of the things I need to purchase. One way or another, things have got to change. I cannot allow all these small matters to control my life.

Another thing that may be affecting my life is those people I meet on a regular basis. Maybe I should find another venue and more stimulating conversation.

There is the story of the monk who carried a mirror with him wherever he went. Now and then he would dig into his pocket and bring it out and look into it. He would then place it carefully back into his pocket. One day a priest noticed this and thought to himself, “This priest is so preoccupied by what he looks like that he is failing to understand it is what lies inside him that is important. He needs to stop worrying about that and take more time over his priorities.”

Thinking this he approached the monk. “Why do you always carry this mirror and spend so much time looking into it?” He was hoping that this question would allow the monk to see the folly of his ways.

“Ah,” said the monk pulling the mirror from his pocket. “I use this in times of trouble,” he said. “It allows me to see the source of my trouble and it also allows me to see the solution to my troubles.”

Maybe I just need to stop blaming everyone and everything and look to myself.

This story is about how easy it is for us to blame everything and everyone but fail to look at ourselves.  Please do not think I am at all depressed just thought yesterday that this little story of the morror fitted me and maybe it would help others.

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  1. I suspect your canvas is just fine. A new brush now and then is always nice...

    But you might be right with your little story. It could possibly be your attitude of "I can't really do it" that is preventing you from achieving what you want. Wish you were near. I do wonders teaching beginners, or in your case, the lost. I've seen your work. You have the ability. You just need the confidence.

    Stop thinking about what everyone else is painting and focus on what you are feeling about your subject. Squint a lot, find your lights and colors and let it happen...

    Sing and dance while doing it, It may help you loosen up!

    I had a student the other day who got very frustrated with her painting. She talked like she was going to trash it when she got home. Suddenly she started painting like she didn't care anymore.

    I approached her to find she was finally getting the right stroke for the part she was painting. I happily exclaimed to her, "There you go. You needed to use the "I don't give a sh-- stroke!"

    Her painting looked really good by the time she left.

    Stop calculating every stroke. Let your brush dance! Magic can happen...

  2. Having just come out of a 'dead zone' as far as my painting is concerned, I do know how you are feeling. But you exaggerate.....your paintings are fine! All of your past paintings expose your 'heart' they all have so much feeling.
    Perhaps your injury also affected 'your heart' by limiting your mobility!

    Become a "possibilitarian"....explore just one painting subject and embrace just one of the possibilities in that painting.
    You will be far as painting and art are concerned.
    The other matters you speak of will sort out I am sure.
    Shakespeare said...'wisely and slow, they stumble who run fast'. So give your recovery and yourself time .... and embrace the possibilities!

  3. Gosh Ralph; a whole lot of dissatisfaction going on here this a.m. But then you worked it through to my like thoughts and I know you will be just fine, my UK friend. Go for a ride out to the country a ways and get out and walk and clear the head! Always does work wonders for shaking out the cobwebs, at least for me.

  4. I am so sorry folks the first part of this blog was written tongue in cheek I cant run just now because of my fall and I painted yesterday I was just trying to tie into the story I was using about a good workman looks to himself not his tools. In all tings the story starts with us.

  5. I guess I misread this Ralph; sorry. Although I did receive the ultimate message of being the master of my own deeds and direction; the beginning sort of indicated you were 'down'.
    Should have known better!
    Glad this is a 'generalized' writing not personal.
    Have a good day.

  6. ha ha tongue in cheek backfire...and little angel of truth is laughing too...because you are telling us more than you think...your heart is showing...and you are much loved, Ralph...