Thursday, 15 April 2010

The Next Big Step for Nettie

 Yesterday I told you of the first big step for Nettie. I ended by saying that that all journeys start with that first step. Josephine reminded me that for the journey to reach completion it is done step by step, and she is most surely right on that account. The strange thing about this journey is we are all aware of where it will end but how many steps is there yet to take for each of us?

For Nettie the following week and a bit was the same steps as the day before, all we did was add an extra one or two until we were sitting drinking our cup of coffee at the front gate. Now that was a long journey but we had made it, with much moaning about what she must have looked like in the old fur coat. We were now sitting two or so yards from the passenger door of my car. It was easy to suggest that the next step was to get into the car and have our coffee down in the car park at the shopping centre. Nettie made a comment about having heard all about my driving. “What is it they call you?” she asked, “The flying minister is it not?” Well at least she was more concerned about my speeding than she was about the journey. So the nest day there we were sitting in the shopping centre car park at just after six in the morning. The place was deserted we had the choice of parking bays. We sat not far from the shop that sold ladies clothes. We discussed the visit to that shop to buy a coat. We went through it step by step and agreed that we would give it a go opening time the next morning. The old fur coat had won the day for me. Can I say I was now feeling all the emotion that I am sure Nettie was feeling. We were about to embark or a great big journey, I was going to be as prepared for it as I would for a journey up any mountain.

I visited the store in the afternoon found where the coats were and spoke to the manager. The next day we made it to the car park. We sat for a moment and then decided to go for it. We were in the shop at the coat racks and out the shop in what must be record time. Did Nettie get the coat she liked? I never did find out about that but she got a coat. We left the store me apologising for all the things that had been knocked off the rails in our top speed incoming and outgoing.

Can you imagine the joy in that household that night as Nettie showed her husband the new coat. We laughed and joked and drank a little toast as she pretended to be a model on the catwalk.

Yesterday I made a few steps back to painting. I sorted out my paint tidied the place up, looked at that canvas I shared with you all the other day and wondered what could be done with it. By that time the pain was kicking in again and I retreated to Katherine told me not to do; I came back and read your comments and looked at your blogs. It is great to have found what Sharon calls, “bloggersville.”

I cannot show you a picture of Nettie as asked by two people by email would not be fair to her but this is a pic of me at the time when all of this was taking place. Frightening is it not?

Is that enough of Nettie or does anybody want one more episode?

This is linked to my other log where I discuss the artwork used:-Field of Dreams


  1. You talk about Nettie from Loch-Ness?-))

  2. No Rudhi you are thinking of Nessie and I would not give that little monster the time of day. Will leave him for the tourists. Ha ha

  3. More on Nettie, please, too. Great photo, Ralph. I see we all have skeletons in our closets! LOLOL I love that you get excited for your friends/parishioners/customers. Methinks a life of service is your calling indeed, one way or another - no matter how you reach out. Amazing work you do, always.

  4. We have to know what happens to Nettie. I can feel her anxiety through your writing. What a curse to be so afraid of life. I hope her outcome is happy. Tell us more tomorrow please.....
    You look so young in your picture. What a gift to have such compassion at such a young age.

  5. Not so young I was almost 30 in that picturemy organist called me the boy who never grew old unfortunately it catches us all but I am inside still the one you see in the picture my only problem now is that the mirror when I shave is such a fibber.

  6. So young to show such wisdom and empathy for your fellow man!
    Now, about Nettie. I want to know what happened to her daughter. You said Nettie hadn't left the house since her daughter was born. What a burden for a youngster, how did she handle not having her mom at important events or to take her shopping or to meet friends? That's what I want to know.

  7. That's a great photo Ralph. You look like you are a cast member of Dr Who. 'The Flying Minister' is a great title for a book. Maybe all these little inspiring posts would make a great book one day of all your adventures and people who gave you all the tales. Your artwork could also be in it. In the meantime we can enjoy the stories. xx

  8. Josephine I am honoured that you think this and I feel humbled because I know that you and Sharon who both take time to read my blog are published authors. You have both made a similar comment thank you so much for your confidence.

  9. Well if the Bookish Blonde and the Brunette bookworm think it - it has to be a winner! xx