Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The Doctor the Minister and the Lawyer

Yesterday’s blog was very serious, and for some sad though it was not meant to be but inspirational. On one of the two I mentioned that my family give me a row for giving away my art. My son, the lawyer of the family is always telling me that my art is worth more than I ever charge and that giving it away is not ever a good thing. He believes, and maybe rightly it devalues my other art. It is just me, not a lot I can do about me being what I am. I remember when I discovered acrylic paint and its drying potential how I used to love going and sitting on the beach and painting little seascapes on the flat stones you could find there. Once dry a quick spray of varnish and they looked like nice little miniatures. I would then take them back to the beach and lay them back among the stones seascape upwards. What a pleasure it was to see people find them and get pleasure in taking them away with them.

There is a story of the miser who before he died called his doctor, lawyer and minister to his bedside. He gave them each an envelope containing £20,000. He told them that he wanted them to be present at his funeral and each of them to place the envelope in the grave with his coffin. They duly turned up on the day and each deposited an envelope in the grave and watched them being buried with the coffin. As they left the graveyard they each asked the other if they had been honest. The minister confessed to using a small part of the money to repair the organ in the church. It was after all for the praise of God and not being wasted in a grave. The doctor said he had used a portion to get a small cardiac machine for the surgery. It was after all for the good of the community. The lawyer said he was shocked to the core at their dishonesty. He had he said put in a cheque for the full value of the money made out to the deceased.

Generosity comes in many ways. If there are any lawyers or doctors reading this my apologies, ministers well having been one I know they are used to being the brunt of jokes and are used to it.

I hope today you leave with a smile, and a little thought about generosity.

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  1. Oh my gosh! That lawyer made me laugh. I love that you used to do little rock minis and leave them on the beach for lucky finders. Amazing and such a generous spirit you have, Ralph. There is a deep beauty in you, my man.

  2. Good Morning Ralph, I am alive and it will be a great day! I always begin my day with your blog, thank you very much! My Doctor is climbing the Highlands of Scotland so I only know how I feel and not how I am!
    I give away my "art" all the time also! I am not sure this is an act of generosity on my part though. It is a thrill to me to put a surprize and smile on someone's face and I have secret knoweldge that I am "all over the world"! It doesn't seem to devalue my work and maybe acts as advertizing!

  3. The mountains of Scotland there is a Scotland seen from the car a Scotland seen from ground level and the wonderful Scotland seen from the tops of its many mountains.

  4. Your blogs are always thought provoking! Waiting for one that might be pure nonsense!!!!
    On generosity; I've been accused of being generous to a fault....if I have it and you need it...by all means you are welcome! Except for my books. I will not again loan a book as they are never returned; well, except to my son. He treasures his books as much as I do so always returns.

  5. I love the idea of leaving your little treasures for others to stumble upon! What great joy to view this from afar. Don't you wish you had a video camera to record their expressions? They must have been priceless...

    You're such a gift, Ralph! God bless you.

  6. I would love to have seen the expressions on the faces of the people that found your little seascapes. What a beautiful thing to do. I'm sure those are among their most prized possessions. Doing something for someone when it is not expected is the greatest of gifts.
    Also, I loved your story. It made me laugh.

  7. Lol! Being the sister-in-law to two pastors I've heard that one often. Except they used dollars instead. It's still fun to hear.

    I wish I had been one of the people to find one of your rocks.

  8. That's a tricky situation. I have more admiration for the doctor and the minister. I couldn't be that brazen. Or could I? No admiration for the lawer or miser. The solicitor was 'just doing his job'.

    By the way, Van Gogh gave away all of his paintings bar one. He did not live to see his great success. Ironic? I say irrelevant. Success is success.

    Would you rather flirt with a little success whilst alive or celebrate the magnatude of success that Van Gogh has but after death and never knowing?

    Van Gogh's of course.