Tuesday, 9 February 2010

A Painting Interupted.

Circumstances prevailed in my life yesterday as they do in all of our lives. I began diligently going through the process of painting. A new canvas, bright, fresh and clean, ready for some interaction and creation. I decided to leave the brushes aside and go for it. I chose a mixture of colours all in the one range. I had, Burn Umber, Sienna Light, Yellow Ochre, Lemon Yellow and later I opened some Cadmium Yellow. With a little water to keep my hands wet I started at the bottom of the canvas with the darker colours and working my way up to the lighter ones I covered the canvas. I did not use the yellow. I stepped back and looked at it and with my fingernail scrapped out some of the darker areas using strokes. I left it to dry.

Now this is how haphazard my art can be. I set it where I could see it in the light and asked it to speak to me, as I savoured a coffee. It said sun and laughter. It said bright days and carefree moments. I added a covering of matt acrylic gel. This dulled it slightly but what was there was now sealed. I will not tell you at this stage what I was thinking. The burnt umber had spread a bit on my slate. I took the top on a paint pot and dipped it into this brown umber and made some random circles on the canvas. At this stage I so wished I had chosen a larger canvas. Into these circles I added some gel mixed with small gel balls to add texture. I roughed it up by dabbing my finger in it. Then again with my finger I added petals round each of the circles. Yes sorry just another flower picture. I left this to dry. For whatever reason it seemed to take forever to dry so I decided to head off and go for an afternoon swim at the pool.

At this point circumstances took over. For family reasons I had to leave the pool and go attend to my family. The painting was left. While in my pjs I painted the petals with the yellow.

Will I finish this or not? Who knows? Today I do not I have not visited it but I will after I have posted this blog. My thinking is of another of the words I have in my collection of art words.


Without trust there is no peace or sense of being at one. Without trust there is only fear and uncertainty and a sense of insecurity. Trust and only good will happen. Trust in the inner person the inner you and you will find it bubble forth. It is all in the hands of the artist. I am sure, I trust. What will happen? Only one thing can happen, if there is trust I will do what is right. I will re-establish the bond between this art and me. Then no matter what happens I will be at peace because I have given myself to the inner chi called art. I will surrender to something bigger than myself.

Just a few words of thought but I have a feeling an old friend is waiting for me downstairs. I hear it call. I will let you know the outcome and if anybody at all is interested the next steps. What I have described is for me a method a way and trust me it works.

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  1. Ah!
    An wonderful approach to creativity. You have my envy.