Saturday, 13 February 2010

New Beginnings and Opportunities

There is not a single person I know who has not got regrets about the past. If you have no regrets then you are either too young to realise it or you have lived a very sheltered life. Life is scattered with missed opportunities and the things we wished we had done differently. The reality is though that there is not always a lot we can do about it.

The amazing thing about being an artist and by that I mean all those who are involved in art at whatever level. From the person who occasionally takes their watercolour pad on holiday and makes some holiday sketches to the person who paints most days a week. Yes there are those who paint almost every day. I do not paint every, but on the days I don’t I usually find same way of getting myself into my paint area. I make the excuse that I have brushes that need cleaning paint pots that need tidied away. Then there is the pastel dust I have collected to be remade into pastels, new and sometime exciting colours. I just like to keep up acquaintances with my materials and tools. The amazing thing is this.

Art always gives you another chance. There is always another sheet of watercolour paper or another canvas. If the last painting turned out to be a disaster and you feel you failed then you have the opportunity to this time succeed. If the last one was a tremendous success then you still get another opportunity to reach the heights of joy yet again. There is always another moment that you want to get down. There is another scene that is calling you and just has to be painted.

Consider this, if you have always painted using oils or watercolour you could try something else another medium something that forces you to look again and consider the project a new way. This of course is not just so for artists it is equally true for so many aspects of life.

You get a chance to forget the past, a chance not to worry about the future, a chance to grasp the present and live it to the full. Think about it. How often in life do we get so many chances to do it again to succeed even in the face of failure. It does not rain forever there are always more sunny days to come.

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