Monday, 1 February 2010

I hope this tale does not sound too gory but I tell it in all its realism. I was helping the meat delivery man to make his delivery to a shop. I was working in the shop at the time. Being small in stature and not blessed with the greatest of physique I took every opportunity to lift heavy sides of beef. All was going well all that was left to unload was a large churn of blood. (I did warn you). This was used in the making of that fine delicacy black pudding, normally served as part of a meal, but in Scotland we never do anything by halves and it is usually eaten here coated in batter and deep fried. Anyway I lifted the churn and on the third step down from the rear of the lorry it slipped from my grasp rolled down the steps and of course burst open. After the lorry had gone I was clearing the mess with a brush and buckets of water. At this point a lady dressed in all her finery and fur coat was passing. In what I in those days would call a posh accent she enquired, “Has there been an accident”. Yes I replied there has been an accident you have not long missed it. “Was it serious?” Oh yes I said very serious. Within an hour it was all over the street and further and the local press had called to find out information on the accident. “I am told it is very serious”, said the reporter. “I have been told there was a considerable amount of blood on the roadway.”

Accidents are not always what they seem to be. As an artist I am constantly looking and aware of what I now call, My Happy Little Events. When there occur, and they do from time to time I go with the flow. At least two of my fastest sales occurred after happy accidents. So often when they occur it is easy to jump to the wrong conclusions and thing the project is now a disaster. It may well be that the project you started out on is a disaster but the canvas or paper may now hold the potential for an even better creation.

Accidents happen. Sadly in our present blame culture and sue culture we seem to have forgotten this. There always has to be somebody at fault, somebody who can be sued. Somebody has to pay the price before “justice” is done. it is a strange fact that justice is not always what we would want it to be.

The painting above I called this one "Carnival Jazz" one of my Happy Little Events.

Can I say at this point that this blog never ever sets out to upset or offend but to open up routes for discussion. Ralph

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