Monday, 22 November 2010

Wild Waves and Wild Thoughts

Wild Waves

When I retired and moved to this part of the world I was in fact returning to my roots. That being so it would seem that I would find it easy. The opposite was in fact the truth. There is some truth in the fact that you can never go back, life is an onward journey.

I thought I knew this place so well, the place of my boyhood. The place where I built gang huts with my friends, now covered by a housing complex. The friends had moved on, married and geographically separated. I was both a retired minister and retired teacher. Yet when I had left here I was in fact a butcher. The reality hit me I was a retired person and I had to do something. The one thing that I still did was sit as a judge in the court. A time consuming task, but not one that was going to fill the time created by retirement.

So it was that I found myself one day walking the coastal path on a windy day with the waves crashing on the rocks. I rushed home that day and painted “Wild Waves”. I did so in a frenzy using not brushes but my fingers. It was almost a new beginning. I saw that it was possible to express inner feelings with paint.

This painting sold the day I took it to hang it. Somebody saw me begin to put it on the wall and offered to purchase it there and then.

This time of incapacity has meant me looking back again over the three years or so I have been painting. As many of you know I have gone through a tortured period of struggling to find where I am heading with paint.

Susan suggested adding words to some of my paintings. Reluctantly I decided to give it a try. I am not at all sure that I am any use at all at writing poems but I thank her for prompting me in that direction. It has made me sit and think and to see my paintings in a new way. To feel again the emotions created. I am enjoying the process and finding it interesting that some of you are putting ideas into words that lie behind some of my words and paintings that I have thought and felt yet never said.

How glad I am that I have kept going in this blogging world, right now it is so helping me on the therapeutic road of recovery.

Now I have one very serious request. For those who read me on a regular basis and know me well please tell me when it is time to move on from the poems and thoughts.

This blog is linked to my other where I look again at the artwork above. Alone With The Wild Waves


  1. Good Morning Ralph, my dog wanted to chase a racoon and although he only stares them down he won't let me sleep until he has fulfilled his destiny! Today will be a great day for him, the mighty hunter!
    I didn't get to watch your painting from the beginning; that would have been wonderful to see unfold! You will discover that writing, especially poetry, moreso poetry, is the very same experience. I reccomended a book yesterday in my blog and will encourage you to pick it up.
    It is available on Amazon for the price of an ale
    and is worth several hundred times that amount. "West with the Night" by Beryl Markham.
    It takes place in Africa but it is not important what it is about; it is a wonderful read for the use of the English language. Think of it as a box
    of paint brushes for an inspiring poet!

  2. Ralph, I've not seen this painting until now. somehow I might have missed it? It's good because you went home .. still with those thoughts in your mind... and immediately put it on canvas.. I am not surprised that it sold so quickly... as for your words/poems/writings, I'll be the first to tell you to stop... How's that? For now you can write... lol !

  3. I may have to clear up my last comment.. It was called to my attention that I was being negative?
    I didn't think so because what I said was that I would be the first one to tell you to stop... for now keep writing...Maybe we are on a different planets?. I didn't think it needed clarification..hope its clear to all .... geez it almost makes me want to give up commenting...

  4. Maybe you meant that you would be "the last" one to tell Ralph to stop? It is that language thing,
    always will be, clearer than aztec blue but can be muddy like paint mixed in a bucket with oil.

  5. Maybe I meant what I said !! Like the writings are still goood ..Ralph asked us to be honest.. serious honest. to let him know when he should move on..
    well right now I like his writings and if the people that read his blog a lot, (like you and me jc) feel differently he would want to know...
    so I offered my genius critique.. LOL! ... and if I ever start to read his writing and hit the 'move on' button I'm going to be the first to tell him.... gee,, do you GET IT now????

  6. Ralph, while looking on the library shelves for the latest Maccall Smith, i came across a book called THE BOOK OF RALPH, by John McNally! of course i thought of you...i checked it out and can't wait to read it. (it, like you, is said to be "suffused with wit and charm")