Thursday, 4 November 2010

We Can All Grow Old.

 Yesterday I was asked four times how old I was in the course of an afternoon. Each time it was because the person had seen me out running and thought that at my age maybe there was something special about being out doing such stupid things. It seems that when you get older you are no expected to look for challenges just to get on with growing older.

I of course do not uphold with this belief, and I know that most of you who will read this agree with me. Nevertheless I found myself thinking about it. Having done so I am sure I came up with no wonderful thoughts or insights, but I did think about this.

Growing old is mandatory whereas growing up is optional.

Yesterday I had a pretty full day, I ran with my son, I began a drawing, I prepared three paintings for hanging in a new inn and delivered them and I met with two dear friends. All in all not a bad day and her I am a day older.

Now if I had stayed in bed all day, I would still be here a day older. If the young man I met yesterday who has signed a pact with alcohol had stayed in his bed all day he would also be a day older, but he probably would not have spent as much as he did or have the sore head I am sure he has everyday. It is so easy to grow older, it happens. Now growing up is something else, it is as I said optional.

Growing up does not come naturally, sadly day in and day out I meet people and see people who at an age you would think they would know better they still act in a very childish manner. They have grown older but they have not grown up.

Jerry and I have spoken often about life and its choices. Well I guess this is another one of these choices.

Do I just grow older or do I grow older while still growing up.

The doctor told me to start the excercise very gradually so today I drove past the shop that sells running gear.

I was sent a couple of jokes about choices and they made me laugh I hope they get your day off with a laugh also.

What would you think fitted best into your very busy schedule. One hour a day of excercise or 24 hours a day of being dead?

I was going to start jogging today but my toes had a vote and out voted me 10 to 1

Have a great day remember tomorrow you will be a day older.


  1. When we're young we think of it as something that happens to everyone else.. Then all of a sudden its there! It's happening to you! and you can sit back and let it take over your life , or you can get up and let life take over.. I choose the latter.

  2. Good Morning Ralph, I can truely say I am getting younger every day! Six months of chemo turned me into a ninety year old man right before my eyes! "Old" is always into the future
    at least ten years from now, whenever "now" is!

  3. Age is also just a number - I can say this with conviction, since I am married to someone much older than me in actual years, yet I do not think of him as being older than me. A lot of it has to do with keeping an active mind as well as body.

  4. Great post, Ralph! enjoyed every word. I too am grateful for the opportunity to be older and older--many people are cut down in their prime. Would we (the ones who were fortunate enough to NOT be dead at 30) .....rather be dead at 30? uh, no. Also agree with you about those who squander the years they do have. Life is a gift--you describe all that so well. Happy jogging!

  5. Thought and laugh provoking post Ralph. Thank you. I'm older, don't feel like a 30, 40 or 50 year old. Time marches on but I would not turn it back. I would not be the person I am if I was not older. Time fosters wisdom ... life and experience are dear teachers but some fools learn no other way. I'm still learning. Growing up never ends ... my inner child is still alive, always learning, from people of all ages. Time fosters love of self, and I think one has to pass at least 50 to begin to appreciate our short time here. Best to you!

  6. I'm not into running [my knees wouldn't take it], but I do a lot of cycling, and I don't just jolly along either. Most people back home in the UK think I'm mental, but I just smugly think to myself "you'll probably be dead before you reach my age [64]". So many people I've known play sports in their youth and then give up entirely and become vegetables in middle age. Why? Perhaps they think it inappropriate to indulge in physical exercise once they reach a certain age.