Thursday, 18 November 2010


I am here and home after my short time in hospital. Such is the wonder of modern medicine and keyhole surgery. It will be some time before I can run and even be pain free. But time and nature are wonderful healers. Before this horrible episode happened I wrote a poem on here with one of my artworks. I was overwhelmed by the comments made, and yes I did agree that it was rough in places. I have never claimed to be a wordsmith or a poet, for that matter an artist either. This blog was never set up to make any of those claims just to share my thoughts and feelings with one or two people and have some feedback.

Just before the pain hit and became quickly unbearable two things occurred. Susan encouraged me to consider some of my other art and to share in poem the thinking behind it. I said to her I did not think I possessed the needed skills but she encouraged me to try. The next day or so Barbra showed a beautiful picture on her blog and I could not resist writing about it. We posted a joint venture, her picture my words and the comments have warmed my healing. It was not so long ago she drew one of my pictures. Is it not amazing how this world of blogging allows such ventures. Maybe we should be seeking more collaborative happenings?

I am not sure I will be able to post every day this one has taken a bit of time to put together. Sitting for any length gets very painful. I will post when I can and comment on other blogs as and when I can.

Can I once again thank you one and all for your support, words and concern. It has made the whole thing bearable, well more so.

I will post the picture here above and on my other blog will simply post the thoughts that lie behind it and why I painted it.

It is a painting I enjoyed doing and I hope the words tell you why. I still have it as it remains unsold.

This blog is linked to my other where I will share the thoughts and words of this artwork.



  1. Ralph, first I wish you a speedy recovery and yes the words you put to my photo has gotten quite a bit of positive attention.. Such is the power of artists.. LOL ! Thank you again for the beautiful poem.. (so how come we're not rich and famous?) lol!

  2. It's great to have you back and so glad to know you have survived another of life's "curves". I am certain rest and love from you family will soon have you running again...or at least walking at a good pace. Welcome back

  3. Welcome back and speedy recovery.
    Hope you will run soon.

  4. Good Morning Ralph, now you will know what I know
    each day will be better and better! I wish for a slow and steady and consistant recovery, where you can enjoy every minute of it! As for my calendar, maybe we could get it right next month?

  5. I'm glad that you are back from the hospital, but so sorry that your medical condition required a hospital stay. Although it beats the alternative, getting older is not a picnic, is it?

    In the meantime, I hope that you will have a laugh on me. I am one of those women who stands on chairs and screams operatically when she sees a mouse in her house. Today I discovered a SQUIRREL in my house. You get the picture? Now he is hiding someplace inside and I am laughing even while letting out little anticipatory shrieks. Oh, it's a barrel of laughs, I assure you! Keep smiling and get well soon! Kvan