Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Now Who Is That?

I am sure you did not expect to see this character this morning. I thought it was time for me to get into the swing of things and stop being my usual bah humbug. During the course of yesterday I was asked if I would do my usual annual visit as Santa to the Christmas dinner for the residents in a sheltered housing complex. This has become something of a ritual.

Last year I had no problems all I needed was the jacket trousers and false beard. I already had a substantial tummy and my hair hung down under the cap no problem. If I agree to do it again I will need help with the hair and I will certainly need to push something up under the jacket.

It made me laugh to be asked again, and when I asked why, I was told that the old folks loved how I did it with great enthusiasm. I suppose we should do everything we do with all that we have.

This reminded me of a true story of a student who played Santa in one of the large department stores. Yes they have now to go through all sorts of disclosures before they can do this job.

He was telling me of the young boy who during his stint at the store visited him on a number of occasions. He was well aware that he was not visiting just to get the gift; the gift was not of much value. He asked the young lad why he had visited so often. The lad looked at him in deadly earnest and said, “I love talking to you, and you always listen to everything I say.”

I thank you, those who have gone out of your way to encourage me to keep writing of my tales and stravaiging, but let me take this little incident to remind us that for there ever to be good story tellers there has equally to be good listeners. We are in danger of losing the art of listening because we are so wrapped up n our own little worlds.

Two men were out in a boat. One of them began to drill a hole in the boats keel. The other man said, “Stop, you can’t do that.” The man with the drill said it is alright I am only drilling on my side of the boat.

I will leave you to think about that. Sorry about the picture on this blog but please feel free to have a laugh.

For Jerry I have linked this blog back to my other. I will post now and again there and add a link here on the days I do.

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  1. Nice breakfast story. The boy visiting santa over and over reminds me of some of my past students who come to my classroom every morning for their daily hug. We all appreciate those people who will listen to us and notice us. Now I'm going to be pondering the message in the boat story all day... I feel like somehow it applies to my current burden I've been working through, but I'm not sure how yet.

  2. Hello Ralph,

    I hope you do not think I'm one of the one's who's deserted you. I must admit I've been occupied and out of my normal schedule, but when time allows, you're still a place I return to. I'm sadden to hear you've been sad and depressed. Perhaps you should give yourself a big project to focus on to keep you occupied. The comments on your blog should be nice additions to your day, not the measure by which you decide it its a good day or not. Don't let them be the "ruler" of your life. Are you still doing art?

    You still made a great santa! I bet everyone enjoyed you...

    Hope you have a good day! I'm sending you smiles.

  3. Yes indeed. What we do does affect others. Our moods, our attitudes, our all. Excellent blog and good thoughts for today. Need to remember how I affect others; been very absorbed with self lately. Thanks for the blog.

  4. Good Morning Ralph, I am up late today! Santa is so magical way over there in Scotland and I swear I saw him yesterday in my little town! I don't look at that many blogs but the list is growing I admit. I have a routine every morning with my coffee and your blog is always first and sets my day on a positive note. I always read the comments and often go to the commentater's blog and then I have to read those comments, Sometimes this task will take me all over the world! and I have learned that we are all the same; we are all in this boat together! Now how fun! I am off to you "other blog"!

  5. Nice photo Santa !!!- made me chuckle :)

  6. Oh, Ralph! I am still pondering the question: if Ralph were Santa, would I sit on his lap and tell him what I wanted?

    You do bring a smile with your posts! Chin up and a big smile. Kvan

  7. I am reminded that like a story needs a listener, a painting needs a is just undone until the viewer completes it.

  8. Thank you for the reminder that everything we do should be done with enthusiasm.

    I enjoy your site and will visit again.

    Come visit my blog too.

    Best wishes from Canada.