Thursday, 13 January 2011


I was remembering some of the events in life that made me laugh the simple little things that meant much to me and something else to others. One such incident was when my son began to learn reading and writing. The first word he learned was the word, “Look”. This word began appearing on every bit of spare paper. Then one Sunday morning I arrived home from conducting an early morning service at the prison. As I drove up the drive towards the church there on the front of the wall in large very visible letters were two words, emblazoned in chalk, “Look, God.”

He had been at it again, showing off his writing skills. Some of the members of the congregation were more concerned about how the words were to be removed than thinking about what my son was maybe trying to tell them. I acted all serious but inwardly I had to smile.

Some weeks later my study was being decorated. New wallpaper was being hung to brighten the place up. When I arrived home from some visits I was met at the door by my daughter. “Dad you are not going to like what Ross has done now.” When I asked what he had been up to she informed me he had written on the study wallpaper. No, I was not going to like what he had done now. In anger I stormed up the stairs to the study. I opened the door. True enough the walls were written on in crayon. The words read, “I love my dad.”

The words were still there on the wall when I left that church to move to another parish. Every time I sat down to prepare for a meeting or to prepare myself for conducting Sunday worship I saw them. They were words that touched my inner being like few words could.

It is wonderful when somebody whom you hold dear takes the time to let you know that you also hold a special place in their life.

I often wonder if I do it often enough.

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  1. Aww. That's really sweet. How does your son tell that story, now that he's older? Does he remember doing that? Those memories are more precious than any possession we could ever have, aren't they? I love this story! And the artwork!

  2. What a magnificent son you have, Ralph. And I think I'd have had to cut that wallpaper away from the walls and take it with me!

  3. Reminds me of a time I arrived home from work and my five year old was being punished. Just look at the hole he dug alongside the trees my husband said. Did you ask him why I said.
    Of course, I knew he was hoping a baby deer would step in the hole and he could have a pet deer.
    If more people would take a moment to appreciate and share the moment with our youngsters we may not have so many troubled teens.
    Good for you; when my home was sold, it too had children's crayon drawings on the walls.

    My daughter had a complete wall in her kitchen on which my granddaughter had painted her six year old version of a garden. The kitchen was painted several times but the garden remained until her 21st birthday.

    Of course, needless to say, we all miss the garden on the wall.

  4. I think we all have memories like this. I laugh to myself when I think of my son at five looking up at me, great big brown eyes saying, "Mommy, I'm never going to get married so I can stay with you forever." Oh , that certainly changed!! when the hormones kicked in ...
    He left me in an entirely different way, but those memories will last forever..

  5. A wonderful story Ralph! It was nice that you left it right where it was. With our renovation I am going to have a chalkboard wall in the kitchen. Just the place for others to leave just those kinds of messages. I agree with you, we don't do it enough. Have a great day! Susan :)

  6. Such a great story, Ralph. When I was 3 I took a pair of scissors to the ancient rocking chair, family heirloom and all that. My Dad refinished that rocker at least 2 times and he always left my scissor marks there. My son, Shane was 4 and watching his Dad fix a window in our living room. He was in the way as Hubby was coming down the ladder..and just as Hubby was about to yell at the lad..Shane said "Gosh. Dad, you are so good!". No yelling that day!!

  7. hold you dear
    hold you near
    tho you are far
    you are a star

  8. I bet you do it often enough, are a very sincere person! Loved this post--keep em coming!