Sunday, 13 June 2010

Supportive Parents

Well it has started the world cup I mean. It is almost impossible to avoid it here in the uk. England are playing in it and that means that it is the main topic of all news broadcasts. Here in Scotland we are used to not having a team involved. Does that mean that we switch our allegiance to England? No. In fact in Scotland the team being supported by the majority of people seems to be the one that is playing against England.

I am so glad that I am really not much of a football fan at all, so I feel no real need to be interested in what is happening and can watch most of the games from a neutral standpoint.

My nephew lives and works in England and he has to live with the hype day in and day out. It is no surprise then that one of my happy moments yesterday came from him.

He told me the story of Snow White and the seven dwarfs. Snow White used to see them all off to work in the mines, while she stayed at home and cleaned. At lunchtime she would take their lunch boxes to the mine. One day she went and noticed there had been a pitfall. She shouted into the mine, “Hello are you all ok?” There was no answer so she shouted again, “Hello are you all ok?” She heard a faint voice coming from afar. “England for the world cup.” She dropped to her knees and prayed, “Thank you God, at least dopey is still alive.”

That I promise is my last remark on the world cup. As far as being a supporter goes I want to be a good supporter of my family. There with the ever ready ear, and the word of support.

There is a story of the bearded lady and the world’s strongest man. The lived and worked with the circus. They became man and wife and soon the bearded lady was expecting and child. The ringmaster asked them, “How are you, are you well?” The bearded lady replied, “Yes I am just fine, we have great plans for our child, we want to be good supportive parents”

“What is it you want, a boy or a girl?” asked the ringmaster.

"Oh, we really don't mind as long as it's healthy," said the Bearded Lady, "And it fits into the cannon."

I hope you weekend is going well and if you are supporting a team you are happy when they play no matter the result..

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  1. Gosh Ralph. You tell the best jokes and always make me smile in the mornings!

  2. I recently heard an address given by a university chancellor who among his many remarks, advised the graduating class to always respect their siblings for, in the end, they would always be there for them.
    Strange remark I thought; I might expand to say 'support members of your family (not just siblings).
    I am fortunate for I have been blessed with a two-way support family know I am always there for them; and they are always there for me.

  3. I have to tell my husband your jokes. I'm sitting here laughing without any other humans around. The cats wonder what's wrong with me... "It's Sunday. She can't have gotten into the tequila".

  4. LOL--and it fits into the cannon...LOL