Thursday, 24 June 2010

Remembering Important People

Since beginning this blog 178 days ago I have done much remembering of people in my life. Those who I have worked with those who have helped me and those I have been fortunate enough to help. One person I have never mentioned, and that is remiss of me is probably the one person who made my change of life possible.

I have already told how I got involved writing music and modern hymns while still 20 and wild. How I became friendly with a minister who encouraged me to think of my future. This minister told me of an evening class to be held in the university. He was wise enough to know he would not on his own convince me of the existence of a god. I decided to give it a try.

On my first night there I noticed the other attendees were mainly old ladies. I must have looked so odd standing there in their midst. My hair was halfway down my back and I was dressed in jeans and an old shirt.

There was one old lady came over to speak to me. She introduced herself to me as Agnes Ross. We talked most of that evening. The next evening I went she was waiting outside the hall dressed in her expensive fur coat. Again we chatted over coffee and after the lecture. This went on for the duration of the course.

Never once did she try to change my thinking, she just listened and commented. When I told her I intended to try and get to collage she offered to purchase the books I might need. When I got the needed qualifications for collage she invited me for dinner, there she offered to assist me for a further year if I considered not taking the collage place and trying for university. She introduced me to the dean of the faculty of divinity who offered to manage my studies.

My life had made a turn all down to an old lady in a fur coat. Amazing really because I forgot to mention I had this thing about old ladies and fur coats from the highbrow parts of Edinburgh. But then as you see what did I know about real people, I was so full of prejudices I had a hard time seeing past the fur.

Oh one other thing, it is no accident that my son is named Ross.

In the most unexpected places move the saints of the earth.

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  1. A wonderful story, Ralph. So glad you were able to see past the fur.

  2. When I read the part about your son being named Ross, I got goosebumps! And to hear you admit that even you harbored some preconceived prejudices, was comforting to me. (Much as I try not to make hasty judgments about people, I often do) Thanks for this post, Ralph. I'm going to be musing about it (to myself) all day.

  3. Good Morning Ralph, I ate some yesterday and slept well and today will be a great day! I am envious of your hair! I am told mine will grow back. Iam so curious about this story on this part of your life! Does it become a leap across a wall of fire or gentle steps across an abyss? I have always been like Paul who said, "God save me but not yet!" Have a great Holiday Ralph and I will be wondering how you do without your watch!

  4. Jerry I am so pleased to hear from you I have worried about you but happy to know you are still reading. I will do my very best for you to keep in touch You are a very important friend to me

  5. Ralph- you did it again! A beautiful inspiring post full of warmth and joy. It always amazes me the people that come into our lives and become change agents. It's important to reflect back upon these people, to feel gratitude. Wonderful! And I think your self portrait is FABULOUS!!

  6. a great story...I am glad you honored her by naming your son Ross..that was truly touching.