Monday, 25 January 2010

The Wonders of Porridge

Now having posted my blog a friend contacted me to remind me of the days of cod liver oil orange juice and porridge. Now there is a thing Porridge the emotions that word stirs. How is it best made? Well now you can buy porridge that can be made in 2mins let me tell you that does not sound at all like porridge and I doubt if it ever will be. Then there is the ready .... kind of porridge even faster to make. This one I do know does not taste one bit like porridge, more like eating the packet it is sold in. Porridge made with real oats takes time, some people leave it overnight on a very very low heat, others make it on heat but stirring it constantlyeither way it tastes good to me when ready. But then there comes the way to eat it. With sugar or salt? With a spoonful of jam or syrup or my real favourite with a bit of real black treacle. Delicious, and it stops you feeling hungry for ages.

As a struggling student it was my staple diet. I had it for breakfast, cooked enough to leave to firm up and slice with a bit of jam later in the day like a sandwhich and the last of it fried and eaten with chips at night. I would not recomend the latter as healthy eating but after having it healthy twice it seemed ok to indulge. Once fried salt and pepper and it was not all that far away from haggis. Now haggis that is for another blog even although today is burns night and maybe I should have started with the haggis.

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