Monday, 25 January 2010

Food Litter and Painting

When I am not thinking of painting I can become so easily one of your Grumpy Old Men. I do not mean to it just seems to happen. Caught an item on the news this morning about overweight children. They had rolled in the "experts" to advise parents on how to feed children, how to give them a healthy diet with no junk food. Instructions on how to read the packaging on prepared food to get the best option. I then headed off to have a morning swim and there they were the council employees doing their daily clean of the local play area, two of them. Marvellous you might say, but then later in the day they move along to the shopping area to clean up all the litter off dicarded chips wrappings and pies from the bakery and the McDonalds packaging. Every day this goes on. Seems to me these two items are linked but I will leave you to make the link. Funny how when we paint seascapes and landscapes we never include all the litter that besoils some much of the beauty. I remember having painted a seascape and missed out my usual seagulls a friend commented. My reply was to tell him it was painted at 1pm. He looked bemused. I said at that time all the seagulls head up to the high street to get the pickings from all the discarded rubbish of school pupils high quality lunches. From this you will see that the painters block seems to be ongoing so instead I am having my dailly gripe.

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