Monday, 18 January 2010

Haiti ,Art and the Questions of LIfe

MY art has been moving all over the place from one thing to another. I sold a painting of a Tiger Head on Friday evening so unexpected. The client who purchased it sat down to chat to me and we began to chat about art and religious symbols. Why did he buy a Tiger painting I wondered. But seascapes, landscapes and such are the bread and butter that buys the paint so why ask too many questions.

Still the reality is that the art I love to paint has more and more found me striving to find again the answers to big questions. What does art have to offer people in the search for meaning and purpose in life? MY latest work Samadhi was full of such symbolic meaning.

Then out of the blue a fellow artist says to me that it is wonderful how God saved the life of the child in Haiti after all those days buried. BANG. My head is spinning again. If god in his wisdom saved this child why did he not save all the others. So here we go again on the merry go round. What is it all about. I dread to think where this is going to take me when I head down to lift the next canvas and begin.

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  1. Well, this is clearly interesting! I feel grief for those poor people in Haiti, especially the children! and maybe we are not supposed to know God's will? The Earth is alive and that is a good thing or none of us would be here! But it is without "will" and does burp and moan and cause destruction. Not even God guarantees us a certain amount of time on this planet. I think He gave the planet Earth to us and we are not always good sheppards. It is us with the free will I am not even sure that God has it! In the wreckage we can save this child or that and maybe not both? Mostly our choice is accidental.
    The ancient Greeks believed in "Vertu and Fortuna"-- the virtue and strength and character of the man AND fortuna, the "luck" he would encounter. Mostly I think it is good luck but sometime "bad luck" and then our only choice is how do we react to this situation? That is our free will.