Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Painters Block

Well I did nothing yesterday in terms of paint. I made a small effort and tidied up my painting area. I looked at some of my past artwork that I am no longer happy with and decided what I do with them So I have at least one canvas to be repainted. I began a painting on poppies a few days ago and it is sitting on my easel waithing for me to complete it. Is this what is causing the block I wonder. Maybe I should put that out of view for a bit. I do not feel at all sure about it and yet do not want to just white it out. I think this is all part of doing anything other than paint. WHY.

Still not got round to using my airbrushes keep making tentative approaches. I am wondering if this has anything to do with my reluctance to start. I wish somebody would help me get over this.

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  1. On "getting started". This does require a certain discipline but I discovered an answer as a welder when I had to earn a living. If I began trying to make a masterpiece there were days I couldn't turn the lights on so you just "do it", get set up and organized and make something simple. I got in the habit of this, would just make a plant stand or little pedestal and before you know it your hands are just sailing along doing almost without thinking and you have become involved! I have discovered that painting is the same way, get the stuff out and just do it, nothing fancy, maybe just gesso, maybe put some color in the gesso? and then it flows!