Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Old Painting Finished New Friends Made

It is good when you at last manage to complete something that was become a bit of a nightmare. In fact I did not really finish it, more like I redid the thing. I had some doubts about it but on letting others see it I got a good number of comments about it and so the day ended on a bit of a high. One fellow artist went on to comment about some of my other art and this lifted the day on to another level altogether. I am hoping that the good feeling will lead me back to the production of some more art. If nothing else it looks as if I have found a couple of good friends through this painting. One lady, Ruby Lockett produces some beautiful art which can be seen on just search her name. The other says he is a metal worker who has began playing with acrylics and has painted some poppies similar to mine. Sounds like a fun person and I look forward to seeing his work. Jamie Carlin sounds like what he is trying might be really interesting.


  1. Hi Ralph! I am not sure I am clever enough to post my "poppies" on your blog site, so I will send them to you directly. I am not sure what one would find with the name "Jamie" although I am not suggesting this is in any way a "bad" name; it is just not "my name" I am very googelable under MY name, Jerry Carlin, so that could be tried. I put "poppies" in quotations because if one were to think of them as nasturtiums or some other "red" flower, that would be ok. They are images of how I see my garden, which is quite a mish mash jungle and if I keep a clear path so I have a sence of direction, I like it that way! a surprize around every corner.
    Yes I am a welder, art stuff and ornamental iron, not auto stuff and trailors, but I have recently taken up painting with acrylics and because I have absolutely no idea of what I am doing, I am loving it. I am a bit of a mad painter and I definately don't play by any rules.
    I have no "intentions" when I begin. The only rule I gave myself was a limit to ten store bought colors. Sometimes I paint 3 or 4 "paintings" at once, and sometimes one at a time. They are "done" when I like them, causing me to paint over some several times which only adds to the varied and sometimes extreme texture.
    Sometimes I like them immediately. They are painted on whatever I can find. I found a LOT of window shades from an elementary school that was being torn down. These are very nice and tightly woven canvas and very big, 3' x 6'. Being the metal worker that I am, I make steel frames and stretch this canvas over them and I am ready to go. I am begining now to give myself assignments, not to paint trees or oceans or flowers but to paint "beauty" and "happiness" and
    "grief". This will be a little harder but I know I can paint over these until I like it, and then they will be done. I will have more emotions to paint. I am retired and can pretty much do what I want but I have been given Hodgkin's Lymphoma! treatable I am told but unpleasant, so this will open another world to me!
    Well Ralph I could go on and on but enough for now, but if invited I may return, I like your blog by the way! I once started one but couldn't get anyone to comment on it. Jerry Carlin

  2. "The sounds of Silence are written on the subway walls" Sometimes, I think we need the silence to open our other senses, to see a little clearer, to look around, to smell the roses, just to pause and reflect. It won't all be good necessarily, but it will put things in balance and offers another perspective. There are no radios in my shop. I make enough noise.