Friday, 29 January 2010

New Painting a Work in Progess Looking for Comments

This is a painting I have been working on for the biggest part of today. I am kind of at a loss about what might be my next step with it. If you read this blog and have any comments I would be most grateful.

I was surprised by the number of friends who took the time to get in touch with me about yesterdays work in progress. The general opinion seemed to be that I should leave well alone and know when to stop. Strange that I had given just this advice to somebody else yesterday and here I am today reporting that I listened and in my usual way decided just to make a couple of small additions. I added some highlights in lemon yellow and some darker areas hinting at stamens. I am not a great lover of paintings of flowers yet I find myself doing them from time to time. I have thing about poppies also so find myself captivated by flowers that get caught in the breeze. I added a clear glaze and then decided to just darken the lemon yellow in one or two spots. I am sure those who have been good enough to comment will say I have gone the step too far.

For those interested, and I am always surprised to find out how many seem to be, the painting is on a box canvas measuring 16”x20”. The “stems” were made with cut up pieces of string , the “heads” with modelling paste. The painting was then covered in colour using wet hands and left to dry. A clear acrylic gel glaze was then put on again using hands, a messy job but a feeling of involvement. Once dry another glaze this time of white with a hint of yellow was applied and washed back off some of the areas. A further gel glaze was added and left to dry. the “brush” a the bottom was put in with burnt umber and a hint of purple. Then the highlights were added and in some areas the petals darkened.

I wonder have I ruined it or have I finished it? We can but wait and see. Might I thank all those that have commented. both here and privately.


  1. I love it Ralph. Don't know what to suggest though; if you introduce a contrasting colour may detract from the simple beauty we now see. I would only introduce it at the lower part of the background if I did add anything.

  2. Hi Ralph, I think it is perfect! and thank you so very much for sharing your artistic process!
    Knowing the "secret" is only part of the process, one must have the skill and desire also and these are harder to teach!

  3. Thanks Jerry no secrets with me out there in the open.