Monday, 19 July 2010

Friends We Meet

It is good to be back from my vacation and I hope to be reading blogs again very soon. Today just a short note before I go and begin to catch up on all the tasks that need done around my plot and garden. Nature never stops even though we sometimes may.

I had a marvellous period of rest and exercise. Running most mornings finishing in the sea for a refreshing morning swim. I met many people whom I hope to continue to know and learn more about in the future. So often on vacation we meet people and promise to stay in touch and sadly we seldom do. I was fortunate to make friends with two families who I am determined to stay in touch with.

One of the families came to watch as I painted outside my caravan. They could speak no English and I no Spanish but still we managed. Spain, as you no doubt know, was playing in the world cup. The family gave me a gift of a Spanish flag to mark the occasion. The daughter of the family could speak a little English so we learned much about them, enough to know they were lovely people. Sadly she was only with them for a few days.

On the evening before our departure they gave us a gift of a bottle of wine to open on our wedding anniversary in a few weeks time. In return I gave them a pastel painting of a part of the beech they visited most days.

It is amazing how we can speak to people without being able to fully understand the language. Art has a marvellous way of crossing boundaries.

I am sorry this is not like my usual blogs but I feel it is appropriate to begin with this and get back into the flow of my usual later. I have some doubt if anybody is still looking at my blogs but I will be looking at yours over the next few days. I missed speaking to you all and look forward to renewing friendships.

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  1. Have no doubt Ralph, I'm still here!!! Glad you had a good break.

  2. Welcome back Ralph! I too am still here and look forward to reading you again. Many of us have been in and out, as we are all busy with other things during the summer months. Vacations, plein air painting, workshops... You'll find many bloggers posting fewer posts. I suspect a revival in the fall.

    Hope your holiday was wonderful. Beach every day... its not so bad.

  3. Art does speak so many truths and crosses barriers Ralph. It is good to see you back. xx

  4. Don't ever doubt that we are still here waiting for you to come back and share your stories! Glad you had a wonderful trip. I'm looking forward to hearing about it!

  5. Ralph, the delight in blogdom is that your words can be whatever you are thinking or feeling at the time you take fingers to keys, yes? No circumscribed blog rules to deal with. That is the fun of it. Your visiting new friends sound delightful! No sulfites in Spanish wine either; for me that would mean no headaches. Enjoy!!

  6. Good Morning Ralph, I am alive and well and my chemo is done!!! Today will be a great day! I am so happy to see you back! I just figured you really did throw your watch away and chucked it all and ran off with a circus! Now I can get back to my routines, I always "check you out" 1st!

  7. I'm glad you had a great vacation and I'm glad you're back to posting on your blog. I've missed your feel good stories.

  8. I really enjoyed hearing how art crossed the language barrier! They sound like lovely people.

    It sounds like you had a wonderful vacation... welcome back.


  9. A wonderful story and perfect for your blog! Welcome home.