Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The Empty Box

Do you ever feel down and cannot understand why or how to get out of it? I am a person, who because of the intensity of how I feel about life. have those times I call the dark nights. They creep up on me; often this happens after a real period of creativity. Bang, before I know it I am on the floor. I used to get deeply concerned about this and the result was always the same it got worse. Then I found a little event that gave me a way to shorten these events, not stop them. Let me share it with you and then offer you a gift.

The story is about a father and his daughter. He was sitting reading a book while his daughter was busy on the other side of the room. He happened to notice she was using a sheet of gold paper that had been bought for wrapping Christmas presents. He gave the girl a ticking of for wasting what was a sheet of expensive paper.

The next morning, Christmas day, the daughter handed her father a present of a box wrapped in golden paper. “This is a special present just for you daddy,” she said. He was ashamed that he had made comments the day before. he opened the present to find an empty box.

“Do you not know when you give somebody a present you are supposed to put something in it,” he said. “Oh I did said the little girl. I blew lots of little kisses into that box just for you, because I love you so much.” The father, ashamed for the second time sat with the tears running down his cheeks.

The box was kept for years. Every time he felt down he got the box out and opened it and took out one of the kisses and remembered how blessed he was.

I have one of those boxes. It is filled with the memories of all the wonderful things that have been said to me and done for me. When I ham down I close my eyes and take it off the shelf and open it and remember one of those precious moments.

It is a wonderful box because it gets fuller and fuller as the years go on. It is a magic box a bit like a compost bin, no matter how much I put in it there always seems room for more.

Yesterday was my lucky day. I was able to procure a large quantity of these boxes and if you would like one just let me know.

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  1. Yes please, I would love one of the boxes.

  2. Ah yes memories! Moments filled with laughter, light and love! Sometimes difficult to find my original box .... my grandchildren however are helping me fill a huge new one!
    Great tale to remember on my down days, thanks!

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  4. What a beautiful idea and a great way to remind ourselves of our important blessings. Thanks for posting Ralph. You put a smile in my heart.

  5. Good Mornjing Ralph, I am alive and well and today will be great! From the heart of children we shall find some truth. These are magical boxes indeed, you can never fill them and they are always full.

  6. A box for me too Ralph. I had a small glimmer of reminders of all the good things this morning. It was much needed and raised the spirits a bit. Thank you, friend.

  7. Yes, this magical box just keeps me going,, it is so precious and always ready to lift you up.. thanks for this wonderful message, Ralph!

  8. A lovely story and a wonderful idea. We all have down days and what a lovely way to pick oneself up again.
    Thank you for sharing.